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What should you do if you have been dating a 32-year-old guy for 2 years and got engaged last year and the date and hall have been set but now he wonders whether it is meant-to-be by being single?

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October 13, 2005 5:43AM

After 2 years, you should know whether or not you want to be

with that person. If he is having doubts, then it is probably time

to move on. The red flags should be going up, when he has asked you

to marry him and now he is not sure? I think he still wants his

freedom. Have you set a date? If you have, then it could be just

cold feet. If you have not discussed that with him, then sit him

down in a loving way and ask. Find out now, don't wait to drag

something on that might be a dead end road. It would not be fair to

you or him. Take a few days off work to grieve your loss. Then use

the weekend to cancel your wedding plans. Please don't marry a man

who isn't absolutely committed to you -you deserve much better, and

you know it. Good luck!

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