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You're feeling a little jealous that some other man now is dating your ex girlfriend. You think it could be love, but it isn't. You wouldn't have split-up if you were really in love. Let it go and let her get on with her life and you get on with yours.


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First of all this is coming from a boy which has a girlfriend. There many ways but the only one is candy

Coming from i 13 year old i strongly disagree, i had my first boyfriend when i was 11 through out my years with him a felt for once i had a more lively

This sounds like an excuse for him to be single. But perhaps he is just trying to look out for your feelings. Talk to him and see where he is coming from.

You help your friend out as best you can! No one wants to be caught in an embarassing position in front of their boyfriend or girlfriend. You should always help your friends out.

Ignore what she says. She just wants you to wait for her. She wants to be able to come back to you, if she breaks up with her boyfriend. IF she was coming back, she would just come back and not talk about coming back.

I don't know what it's called but it's the one where she's coming home from filming Indiana Joannie...

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If your dream occurred on or near your birthday, it probably means that the birthday itself brings back memories of the time when you celebrated with the former boyfriend. The dream only expresses your own old feelings and memories; it does not provide any insight into the ex boyfriend's present feelings.

The question is not clear as to the content. If it is about your girlfriend's death in any sense, that suggests that the relationship is coming to an end. Note that the dream does not predict the future. Instead, it illustrates your feelings. In this case, that your girlfriend presumably is no longer especially important in your life.

You are new and interesting, and his relationship with his girlfriend probably won't be that great.

Well coming from your girlfriends point of view: the same thing happened to me, my ex told me he still loved me although I obviously just wanted to be friends since I had a new boyfriend. Luckily, my boyfriend ignored him and eventually the ex-boyfriend just gave up. But if you're not feeling any trust with your girlfriend maybe you should tell her it makes you unconfortable that she still wants to be his friend. Communication is key.

Yes they are. A new episode is coming where Jo might have to fly to another part of the world (for here career) but I'm sure they'll still stay together.

No information is known on if the Manga series, Mysterious Girlfriend X will start coming out weekly. Mysterious Girlfriend X premiered in 2006.

That could be a possibility. It could also be a prelude to "Because my girlfriend has this cousin who's coming in from out of town and she can only go out with me next weekend if we can get a date for him too." Or it could mean "I am not going to leave my girlfriend, but I wouldn't necessarily mind picking up a little extra action on the side." Don't assume anything.

Okay I'm coming from the standpoint of the boyfriend. Here is my story: So I have liked this girl for about a year and yet one of the guys she loved she could never get over. What was her way to get over him? Using me. Whoever the friend is of this woman should be supporting the boyfriend. Try to get the girlfriend focused on the qualities of the boyfriend rather than the other guy. It is okay for the girlfriend to be friends with the other guy but she has to be dedicated to the boyfriend and if she can't get over this guy, then the relationship can get ugly in the end. Talk your friend through and make sure she stays focused on liking her boyfriend. Eventually, the other guy will disappear from her life. Only if she asked you.

everyone is different it depends on their maturity level. I am 16 and do not have a boyfriend. not because i am immature but because i dont want to get myself into a situation that i cannot get myself out of. 12 years old should not relly date in my opinion. Coming from questioner: Okay ic what your saying...but i am mature.

Once again- Tell her goodbye. She knows or ought to know that it must be killing you and yet she did it anyway. There is no excuse for that and no coming back from that that I can see.

A boyfriend only knows when their partners birthday is coming up if they knew priory the date. If someone is unsure find a way to casually bring it up.

Absolutely! You should not be so controlling and just let your boyfriend/girlfriend do what ever he/she wants. If he/she is cheating, why would you want to be with them anyway? If they don't respect you or your relationship, they don't deserve you.

well you need to be a good boyfriend from the start this is all I'm gonna say if you are sneaking around or not coming home till morning or telling her lies and she knows your lying then it will not work out sorry but you should be good to her!!

yes to visit his girlfriend\

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