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I think it's time you gave your head a shake and realized if this man really loved you he'd have divorced his wife at least 8 1/2 years ago. Get some pride girl because all this boils down too is your a "kept woman!" He has no intentions of marrying you and don't buy these excuses: "My wife will take everything I own and the kids too"; "We are business partners and a divorce could really hurt me financially" or, "My wife is sick and really needs me." You have lost your pride and the good brains that God gave you. Kick this loser to the curb and get out there and meet a single or divorced guy. Remember, "The head of the snake always turns around and bites you on the butt!" This means, what you sow you shall reap. One day you may be married and you could be at the receiving end of a husband who is having an affair! call annonsmally and just tell her you have been having an affair with her husband. It does not matter if he knows you told her or not he is in the wrong by what he is doing! Make things right

2006-07-27 19:42:37
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Q: What should you do if you have been in a 9-year affair with a man and you want to tell his wife about it but you don't want him to find out you told her?
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