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Wow, "As the stomach burns!" As long as your brother knows about this and it will not cause descention with him then it should be OK. However, it's going to feel odd seeing her with you instead of your brother and the family may have a hard time with this one. Most people would say, "Go for it and to heck with what others think", but inwardly we all know that we have to be prepared to be responsible for our own actions and be careful who we hurt. Your brother's ex could well have problems in the family over this and if there is enough trouble love can fly out the door very quickly. If you decide to marry your brother's ex then you will ALWAYS be just "uncle" to the child and that's the way it should be. Talk to your brother and your family first. Hopefully they are fine with it, but if not, then only you and your girlfriend can decide what is best. If there is a problem perhaps you could move away from family and just visit them (that would take some of the strain off this problem.)

2006-08-08 21:14:26
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