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First, it won't kill you. Jealousy is ugly and uncomfortable, but it's not usually fatal, unless it impels you to do violent or sick things, which could result in an escalation of bad behavior that leads to something terrible. Second, you really are caught on the horns of a dilemma and have some real ethical issues to resolve. On the one hand, you no longer wish to be in an exclusive relationship with boyfriend and, apparently, wish to date other people. On the other hand, you are not comfortable with HIS being able to have the same freedom to date others. Nice. (I am trying with all my might not to make a "what's-sauce-for-the-goose-is-gravy-for-the-gander comment.) The apparent double standard is not only intrinsically illogical, it is selfish. Having said that, you simply must make a decision, one way or the other. Obviously, you can't have it both ways. Which situation is less likely to make you unhappy, staying in an exclusive arrangement with boyfriend and not dating other guys, or knowing that he's sleeping with other girls and not you? No one can answer that for you.

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How soon should you wait after the loss of a dog to get another one?

2 maybe 4 years but then again maybe never depends if you are ready to move on

Your son is two years old should you start teaching him to use the toilet or should you leave him another year as your 5 years old girl is still in nappies?

yes you should and you should teach you daughter aswell of this may lead to bullying in school if your son refuses to learn then i would leave him until he feels hes ready.

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When should teen boys lose their virginity?

When they are absolutely ready; though that may not be in their teenage years.

How long should you be together before having children?

Parnets should be together for maybe two years before having children but if they are ready to have children then they should and when i say ready i mean a steady job good income and a house.

What size dirt bike should you get a person that is 13 years old and 120 pounds?

yz85 in two years yz125 or 250 if you are ready

What is oldest your dog should be to breed?

If you are trying to breed a dog then it should be at least 3 years old, so it is an adult and ready to breed.

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No she is not ready for sex. She is too young. A person who should sex should be at least 18 years or older. Plus she doesn't even have a man yet. I know because I am a huge fan.

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Yes, because they're getting ready for their teen years after they turn 12.

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For 8-10 years if it is unpalatable because of excessive tannin or other problems. Otherwise, it should be ready for consumption when purchased.

When should a kidd leavethe mother?

Usually the legal age is 18 years old, but I feel the child should leave when he or she is ready...or until your mom gets sick of you and kicks you out.

When should you get a boy friend?

when your ready If I wanted girlfriend I would say about 10 years old or over But I'm a boy So Yep.

How often should a male get his reproductive organs checked?

every two years if your married if your single every year

How do you know when mirena IUD stops working?

You should change your Mirena for another method or another Mirena IUD after five years.

How long should you wait for a girl if you been friends for years and started talking for about three years she says we should take things slow how long is to long to wait?

you need to just go at her pace. wait until she is ready. if you rush her you wont get to be with her

You are 12 years old you throw your fastball about 53-57 mph you were wondering if you need another pitch you are also a lefty and in 6th grade What should you do?

get either a changeup or a slider dont thrwo a cuvreball unless u think u r ready to

Are most kids resonsible to drive at 18 years old?

People who are 18 are NOT KIDS. They are adults and should be ready to accept ALL responsibility for their actions.

How can you get on pointe?

you should do ballet for at least 2 years and even then you might not be ready.ask your teacher if you are ready and if your not then don't get upset just work harder.hope this helps

What age should a child be able to get himself up and ready for school on time?

By the time they start secondary school which is at 11-12-years-old.

Been together for ten years why hasn't he pop the question?

maybe he isn't sure you are ready for the commitment. you should let him know that you love him and that you totally are ready for this kind of change. let him know that you will be the one who he will want to be with the rest of his life.

How old should you have a girlfriend?

You should get a girlfriend whenever you feel you are ready for a real relationship with a girl. But personally, I'd say at least 16 years old is good for having girlfriends/boyfriends.

Duration of a office of American president?

4 years for a single term. He can be re-elected only once for another 4-year term.

What is the frequency of the bipolar disorder?

It varies from one person to another. Interval between cycles can be many years to multiple cycles in a single day.

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well your ballet teacher should be the one to tell you if you are ready or not for your first pair of pointe shoes. but i started at 10 years old but most start at 11-14 years old. hope this helps :)

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