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If they where friends before you met, have faith that their relationship is plutonic. If you belive otherwise be a woman about yourself and ask what is the deal between the two. Believe it or not guys can have friend girls to, we are not out to screw every woman on the planet. You also don't want to lose you friend or your man because you can't control your imagination.

If they are friends than just let them be, if he's like never around than ask him if he would like go to dinner or what ever on a day you know the girl asked him to come over. If he's spending more time with her than he is you than just confront him and say something like "what do you guys even talk about?" and if he take s like a minute or two to answer he could probably think of a cover story or think it's kind of just a friend thing. Don't be over paranoid.

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Q: What should you do if you have been with your boyfriend over a year and he is friends with one of your close friends and they hang out a lot when you're not around and you don't like it?
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You have some friends how should you act around them?

If they are new friends you should not be very close to them. You should not reveal your personal details.

If you have recently became close friends with a girl and have a thing for her but she has a boyfriend what should you do?

Clarification needed. Are you male or female?

What is the difference between boyfriend brother and close friends?

Your boyfriend is someone that you are romantically attracted to. Your brother is you parents other child who is a boy (you know... you're brother). Your close friends are people that you enjoy being around, and have things in common with, but you don't neccessarily want to kiss them or hold their hands. Brother can also be slang for close friends.

What do i do if my boyfriend doset like me close to my bff guy but he is always close to his friends?

tell him about it ?

What do you do if your boyfriend has a very close friend who he talk's to every day in the morning and night?

Well, they might be tight friends. Though, you should talk to your boyfriend just to make sure.

Who is Iyana Ariola's boyfriend?

She has no boyfriend ever since.Sam Concepcion is not her boyfriend.Iyana and Sam are just close friends

Should a girl give her bf a promise ring?

No. it actually depends if it is your boyfriend that is a DEFINATE no. and if it is your best friend maybe if you are really close friends

Should you cut off communication with your ex boyfriend if you want him back?

no because you should just stay friends until u both get really close again

What should you do if your two closest friends went behind your back and hooked another close friend up with your ex-boyfriend?

You do nothing. You and your ex-boyfiend apparently had broken up. There was no reason for your friends not to "hook him up" with someone else. Deb

What should you do if you don't like my boyfriend anymore but you like this other guy who your close friends with that always seems to be interested in my friends?

Well, I would probably tell your current boyfriend that you dont think that it is working out and then hang out with the other guy alot and then make your move

Where is the line when another girl touches your boyfriend and is anything beyond a hug as a greeting ok?

It depends how close the boyfriend is to the individual. If they have been long time friends then a peck on the cheek and a hug or one or the other is acceptable when the boyfriend arrives and leaves. I am a huggy person myself, but reserve this for male friends we know or old friends we have and this includes my female friends. That's it! There should be no further touching other than perhaps nudging a person in conversation or an arm around their waist or shoulder depending on what the circumstances are. No kissing on the mouth! Flirting is out!

Can you have a boyfriend when you are 12?

Yes, but you won't and should not get serious! It should be like really close friends. That's just my opinion. But when you're 12, you're in like what? 6th grade? 7th grade?

Is Zachary Gordon going out with Peyton List?

No, they are just VERY close friends. NOT boyfriend and girlfriend...

Is Frankie Jonas Noah Cyrus boyfriend?

No. They worked on the movie Ponyo together, but they are close friends.

What do you do when you fancy your best friends boyfriend?

If you are really close with your best friend you should tell her how you feel even though you will feel really bad but if she is a good friend she will understand. Don't expect her to dump her boyfriend because that would be unfair on her. If they don't break up and don't look like they will for a few weeks you should try looking for some one else and you should try and get over your best friends boyfriend. hope this helpedx

A guy who shows that that he loves the girl...but when that girl ask him about it then he says they are only close friends...what does it mean?

there are so close tat they rather be friends than a boyfriend or girlfriend

What does it mean when you dream that friends get close to your boyfriend in a intimate way?

It means that you are jealous of your friends.. That they won't try to get your boyfriend. It's just jealousy, no need to worry, except you think you are certain that your so called friend is trying something with your boyfriend.

How long should you wait for a girl who just got out of a relationship?

you should become really close friends with her first and then when she is comfortable around u then ask her

What do you do if your friend's friends are trying to ask you out for him but you think of him as a brother and you have a boyfriend?

Tell his friends in private that you are into someone else. Then tell them that the two of you are close but not in a romantic way. Also tell them that close love is just as good.

What do you do when my girlfriends ex still wants to be friends with her?

i think you should be friends but not too close

How can you get a girlfriend if you have few friends that are girls and non who are close friends what should you do?

get to know them better

What does it mean when your ex-boyfriend talks about you very often to a close friend of his?

His friends are bugging him about you or he still loves you.

How do you get boyfriend in 4th grade?

Be nice and like him for him and be close friends with him and if he acts different to you then others then there is a chance he likes you

Should my friend be a close friend of best friend?

I don't see why not. Let friends be friends. I let my friends be friends with my enemies.

Why would a ex girlfriend want to live real close to her ex boyfriend when her friends and family are not from that area?

It means the ex boyfriend still likes the ex girlfriend.