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Part of the blessings in having benefits is to have someone to share them with. Tell him/her and enjoy the life long joyous ride! Best wishes...

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Q: What should you do if you have deeper feelings toward your friend with benefits?
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Should i be friend with a friend who as a friend with benefits?

No, make your own friends.

Should you tell a friend you have feelings for her?


What if im going out with a guy and his feelings are just friend feelings?

then maybe you should be just friends

Should i tell my ex guy friend my feelings im scared because he isn't my friend anymore and it might get worse because of my feelings?

No reason to, you should move on to your next guy.

What should you do if your friend's girlfriend tells you she has feelings for you?

Go talk to her about it and make sure you tell her that you respect your friend and that if she doesn't have true feelings for your friend she shouldn't be with him.

Best friends with benefits?

We should not think for benefits from best friend. If he/she is our true best friend then they will help us before we say....

Should you ask your best friend out?

If you have feelings for her go for it but tell her how you feel.

How do you tell a friend you have deeper feelings without ruining your friendship?

Try to find out if your friend likes you, give him or her hints. If you think he or she likes you, then you should go for it. If he/she doesn't show any interest of being more than good friends, then you shouldn't push things or that could ruin the friendship. There are other people in the world you might share feelings with. The important thing is not to make your friend feel forced into something.

Should I tell my husband that I have feelings for my friend?

You should make sure how you really feel, and if you feel like it might ruin your relationship then tell him the you love him but you have feelings for your friend. Remind him that you really love him though.

Should you lie to a friend to protect their feelings?

Absolutely not. If your friend came to you and asked you that question, answer honestly. You could lose that friend for lying to her.

My friend and i have only gotten to know each other for a bit and randomly asks for a kiss what can i say?

I am elated you asked this question. Do have feelings for this friend? Tell them if you do or not. and if you have feelings for them you should probably date this friend. I went through the same thing but my friend didn't have those feelings for me so i just forgot it but we still are great friends!

What do you do when your best friend is going out with the girl you like?

What you should do is talk to your friend about your feelings towards this girl.If that doesn't work, well stop being his friend.

What should you do your best guy friend now likes you and you hurt his feelings on purpose?


What should you do if your friend is dating your ex who you still have feelings for but you don't want to tell her?

get over it

What do you do if your ex that is your best friend likes you again?

If you still have feelings for her you to should get back together.

What should one do if in love with friend with benefits?

just tell them don't be scared

What should you say to your friends when they hurt your feelings?

As soon as a friend hurts your feelings you should make it clear to them that they did so as soon as it is out of their mouth. Sometimes friends say things the wrong way and don't realize they have hurt their friend's feelings.

Your friend says you are a loner without her and she bullies you what should you do?

You should tell them it is hurting your feelings. And really if they are hurting your feelings, are they really your friends? If they doesn't stop, they are not worth it. Get some real freinds!!!

My friend is a lesbian and I think I love her What should I do?

You should approach her and tell her your feelings for her and you can start to date since you love her already.

How should you do when you love a friend as a lover?

Talk to them and tell them about your feelings. Unless you don't want them to know.

Should a boy and girl be a couple?

If they have more-than-friend feelings for each other, then yes.

You are a girl and you and your best friend are both bi you think you may have feelings for her should you tell her?

I think you should tell her , its a once in a while thing , and if she doesnt have feelings for you dont be sad at least you tried . I sure shell still be friends with you . GOOD LUCK MY FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Should you let your friend ask the boy you like out?

If this person WAS TRUELY your friend, they would know that you like this guy and she should have enough respect for YOU and your feelings NOT to become personally involved with him. NO!

Should I stay friends with my best friend?

Of course! I mean this person IS your best friend, Don't change things. That would hurt their feelings.

I can't fall in love with this girl How can I get rid of my feelings for her?

You must tell her that you don't want to hurt her feelings, But she would understand that being a friend should be the best for them...