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Claiming you love one of your teachers isn't crazy and I don't believe its a crush either, if you do truly love this teacher then you'll know that you're in a difficult situation but you have to try and control yourself from making a mistake. I'm not being funny, but school work is important and it needs to be done. Don't go putting yourself down because people are saying snarky comments like "oh it's just a stupid high school crush" or whatever because how do they know what you're thinking? However, don't go getting your hopes up that you might have a chance with your teacher either, do keep in mind that she IS quite a few years older than you. I'm not saying that you can or will have a relationship with her, I'm just saying that older/younger relationships are possible, my aunty and uncle have been together for 16 yrs now and there is a 30 yr age gap, and I'm okay with it. Good luck in future. -x-


I have no doubt you truly love her, but until you are no longer her student then she is bound by the Teacher's Code of Ethics and shouldn't date a student. If it's really love as you say then you can wait until you have graduated to ask her out.


Don't kid yourself. It's a CRUSH! Only age will educate you on the difference.


If they are smart they would stay as far away from you as possible and report your advances to the head of the school and your parents so you can get some help. Fantasy is OK but taking to the next level at the expense of others is wrong and you need to realize that the teacher is an authority figure and role model in your life, not an object of desire. Get some help and stay with people in your own age group.


It is very normal for a male/female teen to feel they are in love with a special teacher or even professor. However, teachers have a code where they are there to teach and not date the students. Dating a student in High School could lead to being fired or worse, charges from the parents if the student is underage.


Maybe, if you are home schooled.

Not to be rude, but right off the bat I can tell you it isn't love. Sorry but this is just a crush, what sometimes feels like love is really a high school crush, and you'll get over it eventually. Try to focus on people your age, you'll stand a better chance. Nothing can or will ever happen.


Why not just steal the thunder from this young person! That's what some of you have done. To say 'it's nothing but a crush' as if it were nothing is like a slap in the face with a cold dish rag. Young people have feelings too and they know the difference as to how far they can go with a teacher. Tell me one of you that hasn't had a crush on a teacher, coach or other profession! I know I did and I sure didn't need any counseling for it. Crushes are normal!

You should say hey you no what your really nice and give her/him preasents and maybe he/she will get the clue and tell you what they think about the "relastionship"I should now cuz that's what I did and still do in grade school.

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