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What should you do if you haven't had your period for a little over a month but a pregnancy test was negative and you have a few symptoms of possibly being pregnant?


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June 18, 2008 9:39PM

Our bodies change every 7 years so it stands to reason that your symptoms with your periods are going to change. Since your pregnancy test came up negative then you probably aren't pregnant, but it's best to see your doctor and get it checked out just to put your mind at rest. Good luck Marcy I know someone who was pregnant and she didn't have her period, but when she took the pregnancy test it showed negative. When she went to the doctor they did a blood test and it came back as she was. There are several things that can contribute to a negative pregnancy test even if you are pregnant. Some medications can give you a false negative, the timing of the test can affect the results. If you did not follow directions properly; if you let the test sit for too long the results may read negative after a while. It is important to read the results within the amount of time given on the instructions of that particular pregnancy test you bought. If you did not perform the test properly (example: you drank a lot of fluids before taking the test, which can dilute your urine). Etc To ensure the best results: * Take the test in the morning, if possible, because your hCG (pregnancy hormone) levels are at it's highest * Don't drink a bunch of fluids before taking the test because it will dilute your urine and can affect the results * Take the test no more than 1 day before expected period. Although some test say that you can see results up to 5 days before your missed period, the percentage of accuracy is very low. * urinate for as long as possible on the foam-like strip * Check the results in the window frame of time suggested by the instructions of the pregnancy test.