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Ask him if he likes you straight out when he least expects..He'll tell you the truth because it's a spontanious move////

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โˆ™ 2006-02-26 22:31:49
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Q: What should you do if you know a boy likes you but he is very shy so he won't tell you?
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I know this girl likes me but I don't like her what should I do?

Well if she likes you, but you don't like her you should kindly(very kindly) tell her that you don't. Trust me I am a girl so I should know...

How will you know if a girl likes?

It's very hard to tell.... coz this species are very strange in behavior.... If a girl likes..... May be she'll Wink!

How do you tell if a guy you don't know likes you?

You can't really know until you know him For all you know he could just be a very friendly guy

How do i tell i guy i like him?

Well if You know him very well the you should just tell him that you have feelings for him but if your not really close to him then just ask him who he likes then if he doesn't wanna tell you then tell him that if he tells you then you will tell him who you like and if he says for you to tell him then just say you kinda like him... I hope this helped

Should you tell your friend to go ask your crush who they like?

only if your 12 No that is a very childish thing to do. if you like him tell him dont get someone to ask him who he likes.

What should you do if a boy you hate likes you?

Hate is a very strong word, dislike would be better. Talk to him and tell him you have no feelings for him.

What happens when you ask a girl if she likes you through a note?

I know this from experience. IT COMPLETELY DEPENDS IF SHE LIKES YOU that's all I can really tell you girls are VERY unpredictable IchigoKitsune95 >:3

How can you tell when someone likes you and you don't know him or her?

that's difficult to say when you even know that person. but if person behaves very nicely with you and shows his affection anylove towards you that means he likes you. or he shows that thing when you are in problem by helping you

How can a girl know if a guy likes her?

Guys are very predictable! So you can tell if they are acting rude around you are just talking be hind your back( they talk about you a lot) It can be hard at some points if he acts normal around you maybe he likes you or he just is not ready to tell you. But when a guy is ready to say he likes/loves a girl you will know it is true!

How should you know if he still likes you?

if he smiles at you ... occasionally looks at you ... shows off in front of you ...boys are very subtle

How can you tell if a girl likes you even though you don't talk to her much and you don't know her very well?

my suggestion is to start talking to her see if she likes you back or if she has her mind set on another guy

If a boy tells you a that he likes another girl but you like him and that girl doesn't like him what should you do?

Well, if he is very close to you and you know he won't be like EWW! When you tell him you like him I would tell him. He may need some time to think about it but he may just like you back

How do you tell he likes you by looking at what he texts you what you talk about when you're with him and his body language?

That's something you should use your common sense on. Go with your gut. If you think he likes you, he very well may. Ask him.

What should you do if you like a girl and you think she likes you but you get very nervous in front of her?

just tell her how you feel and if she doesn't feel the same then she isn't worth it

How can you tell if an online guy likes you?

There is no way to tell. A psychopathic killer can be very clever at sounding very loving and sincere, for example.

How can you tell if a guy likes you if he knows that you like him?

If he likes you and he knows that you like him, he will most likely let you know, either by telling you or making it very obvious, unless he is very shy or he has some other reason that he doesn't want you to know (like if he has a girlfriend). Ask him if he likes you. Don't be shy. Trust me, if you do ask him, the fact that you aren't shy will attract him. -DJ Craig

Signs that a Leo guy likes you?

Leos are very direct and straightforward. If he likes you, you will absolutely know it without question. He will probably just come out and tell you. Or give you gifts and affection and likely request affection from you.

What does a guy think when a girl tell him she likes him?

He gets very excited.

How can you tell if a woman likes you as a friend or has feelings for you?

if she is very nice to you or kissed you

What if your best friend is obsessed with her crush like she finds out where he lives and stuff and you want to tell her to tone it down before she gets hurt how should you break it to her?

Tell her very nicely she has to calm down about her crush just because she likes him doesnt mean she needs to know everything about him

What does it mean when a guy throws a note at you?

look he either likes you or he is trying to tell you something.But very likely he likes you.

When you and a man are going out and you don't know what to do you feel like he doesn't like you?

Ask him what he likes about you and if there isn't very much he says he likes about you or you feel like there should be more that he likes about you then break up with them. Make yourself happy.

How do you know if your friend likes you in chatting?

You could simply ask them. Usually you can tell by the way they treat/talk to you and if they go out of their way to contact you. If this is not someone that you know but only through chatting and the internet be very careful and do not tell them anything personal about yourself - you do not really know who that person is.

How can you tell if your rabbits fur is in bad condition?

You can tell by when your rabbit loses hair. If your rabbit is shedding alot or its very greasy, you should know by then.

There is a guy at your school who is very shy but likes you i don't like him back what should i do?

im shy at school but i can be outgoing some people don't know i can be out going that might be like the other person your talking about. it depends how you know he likes you. i guess if he askes you out you want to be very very gentle when telling him no because im shy sometimes if i asked the girl i like out and she said no in the wrong way it would suck. i might acutily cry but i really like her. i fyou his friend and he knows you know he likes you he might not want to be your friend. i wouldn't just because it would be wierd.if you need to tell him without him asking you out wait until he is alone be sure not to tell him i need to talk to you alone he wil no somethings up so then first see if he likes you then gently tell him he might stil want to be friends if you are friends.