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It's rather difficult to answer your question since you didn't let us know why you don't want to admit it. Please expand on your question underneath my post.


i am someone different but i need help to! ok here it is: i want to tell him he's cute, and i like him, but i go with someone and i like him to! my boyfriend doesn't know and i don't want to tell him! i want to go out with both of them but i don't want to cheat! they are both to nice! please help me!

from, a girl that can help aka LLGG

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If you like a guy and you dont know if he likes you what should you do?

Ask him

What should you do when a boy likes you but you dont know who he is?

Ask your friends who he is.

What should you do if your crush likes you back?

Tell them that you wanna hang out get to know each other and then admit that you like them

When do you know if a guy likes you?

When he's willing to admit it.

Do binge eaters admit they binge?

Ofcourse not,its like hoarders dont admit they hoard since they are embarresed or dont know it.

What do you do when your best friend that you have dated before but then broke up but you still know he still like likes you but he won't admit it and you like like him too?

If you still like him dont hide your feelings from him, specially if he is not hiding his feelings from you! and i already did that he was to shy to admit he likes me back. -renessmee_cullen

What do you do if you fall in love with a guy but you arn't sure if he likes you at all?

well, that depends on if you want to know if he likes you or not. if you dont want to know if he likes you, then you should probably move on.

Would you have gay sex if you knew no one would know?

you should never do anything your going to be ashamed to admit that you did. if you dont want people to know than you should keep it to yourself or dont do it at all.

What does Brutus admit to Cassius?

i dont know the fkn answer

What does it mean when boy that knows you like him stareing at you while you dont know?

The boy is checking you out. He is weighing his options.he actually likes you back but probably not ready to admit it.

When and how will shy girls admit to liking a boy?

When they know that the guy likes her.

You like a girl in your class and you dont know if she likes you?

well...maybe you should ask one of her friends to ask her if she likes you...

Im in the 4th grade and you like this boy and you dont know if he likes this girl or you what should you do?

ask him who he likes....then if your comfortable tell him you like him.

There is someone I like but I dont know if he likes you back What should I do?

Wear our cutest outfit and flirt with him.

If you like a guy and you tell him but you dont know if he likes you back how do you tell if he likes you or not?

ya, but i still dont know what to do ,and im a little scared to tell u the truth, and he has been acting shy latty. all my friends say i should ask him out, but what should i do!

You like this girl but she doesnt know it and you dont know if she likes you What should you do?

My advice:Find out!say "Hi"to her see how she reactsIf she smiles and says hi back,then she probly likes you

What do you do if you dont know if your girlfriend still loves you?

if you do not know that your girlfriend loves you, you should try asking her if she love you or you should ask her if she likes someone else

I like a girl but I dont know if she likes me back. I am to nervous to tell her that I like her. What do I do?

Maybe you should wait a little and see if she likes you if she likes you ask her out.

A guy doesn't like you but he acts like it?

If he acts like he likes you, and doesn't admit it, it's probably just denial. They just dont want you knowing that they like you. I know this guy that acts like he likes me, but totally denys it.

Why would a girl older than you says she likes you and says she is just kidding and she does it a lot?

It sounds like she's flirting with you. Perhaps she likes you as a good friend or likes you as a boyfriend and is to scared to admit. I'm a girl, I should know.

You really like this boy but you dont know if he likes you what do you do?

Best thing to do is to be upfront with them. Just tell them that you like him and see what he says to what you say. Whatever he says will surely tell you what kind of feelings he has for you. -OR- if your too scared to admit to him that you like him, ask him who he likes and if he doesnt answer, it either means he likes you , wants you to think he likes you or likes someone else but doesnt wanna admit it cause they think you like them. Or they wanna see who you like, first. Guys are so hard to read. If you dont know if he likes you, my best advice is to be upfront, if he doesn tlike you back, move on man. No sense is hanging onto something that you'll never get. There loss!

Like a Girl but dont know if she likes you?

just ask her if she likes you

What Neil Armstrong likes to read?

i dont know if he likes to read

What should i do if like someone and don't know if he likes me?

just tell how u feel and dont be afraid to do it

Should you serenade her if you dont know if she likes you back?

you can always try but don't expect too much