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go to traffic court and take your proof of insurance with you. this will prove to the judge that you have insurance and they will usually remove that part of the ticket.

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Q: What should you do if you left your insurance card at home and got a ticket for no proof of insurance?
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If given a ticket for no proof of insurance and insurance had lapsed but have since gotten insurance what should I do?

the only thing that matters is whether or not you had insurance at the date you got pulled over. if you got insurance two weeks later that will not work. if you had valid insurance but did not have a copy of it with you contact the court and let them know...they will ask for proof of coverage. if you can provide that they will dismiss the ticket. acceptable proof of insurance is an insurance card showing you had coverage on said date or a letter of experience from your insurance company.

Can you be ticketed in New Jersey for not having your insurance card in the car?

If you had insurance at the time of the citation and take proof of insuranc to the judge, he will USUALLY dismiss the ticket. Unfortunately, you will have to appear in person to do that, and there is no guarantee that it will be dismissed, so be respectful to the judge. Absolutely. You're required to have proof of insurance with at all times while operating a motor vehicle. However, that ticket is usually dismissed after you show proof of insurance to the court.

I have car insurance but police say i dont have car insurance?

You should have been given a proof of insurance card from your insurance company. Call them for it and if necessary present it to the judge, that should clear the matter up.

How do you obtain a copy of insurance id card?

usually you just go to your insurance companies website and print a proof of insurance card

Why would someone get a ticket for no proof of insurance when she is insured?

Any number of reasons, 1 the driver was excluded or otherwise not an insured under your policy. or 2 insurance proof was not furnished in a form of writing when requested by the law enforcement officer.Answer"Why would someone get a ticket for no proof of insurance, when she is insured?" In most states, you are required to provide proof of insurance if stopped by an officer. If you cannot furnish a current insurance card he has the option of issuing a traffic ticket.Normally you can take a notarized letter from you insurance carrier to the clerk indicating coverage for the driver was in effect and the ticket will be dismissed.However you state in your post that your wife is excluded. If a person has been excluded from the policy she is in fact driving without insurance.

Does your proof of insurance that you carry in your car have to be the original or can it be a copy of the original?

Your insurance company will give you a insurance card with all of the information needed for proof of insurance. Show that to whoever is interested.

Is a yellow insurance card mandatory in Canada?

I am unsure what a Yellow insurance card is. As a Canadian motorist I must have my vehicle insured and have proof of insurance in the car. The paper is pink.

How can you find out if a person in accident has insurance if the police says there was no proof?

No proof just means that they didn't have a proof of insurance card. That's the cut out card your insurance sends you and says "keep in your car." The requirements for each state varies, Oregon doesn't require drivers to show proof of insurance, they just have to show registration and license. If you have the ID of the driver, contact your insurance and give them all the details you can. If the driver told you an insurance they have, your insurance can contact that company and find out. Personally if someone in an accident doesn't have proof of insurance, and that also means no expired cards, I'd be towing that car and sticking them with a hefty citation.

Where do you print proof of insurance for my car farmers ins?

You need to contact your insurance agent and they can print the proof of insurance that you need. If your agent is close by you can run by and pick up the insurance card. We make cards in the office every day for people.

What proof of your National insurance number do you need to begin new job?

Normally your P45 from your last job and/or National Insurance card.

When buying and Insuring a vehicle is it legally required to provide proof of holding a driving licence?

AnswerI don't think so, but when insuring a vehicle whomever you are having be the driver of this vehicle you purchased would need to provide their license etc.rx7drifter8: yes it is required to show proof of insurance on the vehicle and the persondriving the vehicle is on the policy, but if you are on the policy and don't have the card to show and get pulled over they might give you a warning or ticket that can be waved at the court house when you bring them the proof that you have auto insurance on the date of getting the ticket

Why pan card?

Now a Days to take an Life Insurance policies in Banks pan card is compulsary,If we have a pancard it can also be used as a proof.

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