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There is absolutely no harm in asking her out, but take it slow and easy. Don't expect too much on the first few dates. Friendship and love are very closely related. You just may get lucky. Good luck Marcy

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What if your friend wants you to skip class should you do it?

It's easy, A BIG FAT NO!!!!!!!!! You should NEVER SKIP CLASS!!!! unless ur friend is Zak Kaid. :D

What should you do when there is this guy in your class that likes you and you like him back but he goes out with your best friend?

You should do nothing

What is the difference between friend class and friend function?

Friend Function:A friend function is used for accessing the non-public members of a class. A class can allow non-member functions and other classes to access its own private data, by making them friends. Thus, a friend function is an ordinary function or a member of another class.Friend Class: A friend class has full access of private data members of another class without being member of that class.Ex:Class A{Private:int a, b;Friend class B;}class B{//Class B can access the private and protected data members and member's functions of class A.}

What should you do if the one friend you have is in your class next year but is being ignorant of you?

just inoire her thats what i will do

Can a friend function of derived class access private data of base class?

No. No one, not even the derived class, should have access to the private part (data) of the base class. "private" means private!

What is difference between virtual class and friend class?

friend class is used to share private data members among different class. For that we are using friend keyword. It doesn't require an object to invoke.

Disadvantages of friend function in c plus plus?

The only disadvantage is misuse. When used correctly, friend functions extend a class interface. But if a friend function undermines encapsulation, then there is a clear design flaw in the class, and the use of a friend function should be reconsidered. It coincide the concept of data hiding

What do you do if you think a friend is trying to avoid you and you REALLY like them?

you should STARE at him/her during class TIP:DON'T get noteced

How much should you pay your friend for the notes she took in a class you will be taking next semester?

1. If she's your friend you should not have to pay. 2. If your taking the class next semester why don't you just take the notes yourself. Ps. If you take the notes yourself you will for sure there legit.

When operator function is declared as friend function?

Ideally, never. Friend functions should only be employed when a function (whether an operator overload or not) requires private access to a class, and it is not otherwise possible to provide a public interface without unduly undermining the class encapsulation. However, as programmer, it is your responsibility to ensure all friend functions adhere to the same class rules (which you yourself define) as do the members of your class, even though friends are not regarded as being members of the class. Ultimately, if you have no control over the friend function implementation, then you must not allow that function to be a friend of your class, as this will seriously undermine the encapsulation.

What is friend datatype in object-oriented programming?

A friend is any class, class method or function that is declared to be a friend of a class. Friends have private access to the classes that declare them friends.

Why assignment operator can not be overloaded using friend function?

obj1 = obj2; Operator "=" can be overloaded either by the member function or by the friend operator function. In case of the friend function, the obj1 and obj2 are should be from the different classes. If they are from the same class, the compilation error will occur. We can't use the "this" pointer in the friend function since it is not the member function of the class. So, If both objects are from the same class it is better to for operator function (operator=) as member function. If the objects are from the different class, then the operator function as friend function is advisable.

How friend function in c plus plus created?

Within a class declaration, include the following:friend ;For example:friend class MyClass; // friend classfriend void MyClass::SomeFunction(); // friend class method.friend void MyFunction(); // friend function.When declaring friend functions and friend class methods, you must declare an unambiguous prototype, including its return type and its parameter types, and all instances of the const keyword. If the function prototype is contained in another file, that file must also be included in the class declaration file.Friends can be declared anywhere in a class declaration. However, friends cannot be inherited so it doesn't matter if they're declared public, private or protected (access specifiers have no meaning to friends). But be aware that friends have privileged access to all members, including private and protected members. This is said to undermine the fundamentals of encapsulation, however the purpose of a friend is to extend the class interface, and is no more an undermining of encapsulation than is public inheritance. However, access should be limited to as few friends as possible; a class with many friends implies a fundamental design flaw in the class.

What is the difference between making a class a member of another class and making a class a friend of another class?

I have not used friend concept in C#. Actually it may not exist in C#. Based on OO principles, the friend feature in C++ violates the privacy or encaptualization of private data memeber. Would you allow your friend (a friend class) to access your wallet or bank account (private member)?

What should i do if a girl look at me in class and at lunch she sit beside her friend then i sit next to her friend then she tell her friend to switch places so she sit next to me?

obvously she likes you so if you like her then ask her out!

What actors and actresses appeared in Anatomy of a Breakup - 2002?

The cast of Anatomy of a Breakup - 2002 includes: Chris Bauer as Jake Jane Shepard as In Class Phyllis Somerville as Instructor Kate Walsh as Lorra

What is the latent function of friends?

The only function of a friend is to extend the private class interface outwith the class, essentially making the friend part of the class interface.

Explain the advantages and disadvantages of friend functions?

by: THE DJ is a Friend Function?A friend function is a special function in c++ which inspite of not being member fuctionof a class has privalage to access private and protected data of a class.A friend function is a non member function of a class, that is declared as a friend usingthe keyword "friend" inside the class. By declaring a function as a friend, all the accesspermissions are given to the function.A friend function is used for accessing the non-public members of a class.A class can allow non-member functions and other classes to access its ownprivate data, by making them friends. Thus, a friend function is an ordinaryfunction or a member of another class.Need for Friend Function:As discussed in the earlier sections on access specifiers, when a datais declared as private inside a class, then it is not accessible from outsidethe class. A function that is not a member or an external class will notbe able to access the private data. A programmer may have a situation wherehe or she would need to access private data from non-member functions andexternal classes. For handling such cases, the concept of Friend functionsis a useful tool.How to define and use Friend Function in C++:The friend function is written as any other normal function, exceptthe function declaration of these functions is preceded with the keywordfriend. The friend function must have the class to which it is declared asfriend passed to it in argument.Some important points to note while using friend functions in C++:* The keyword friend is placed only in the function declaration of the friendfunction and not in the function definition..* It is possible to declare a function as friend in any number of classes..* When a class is declared as a friend, the friend class has access to theprivate data of the class that made this a friend..* A friend function, even though it is not a member function, would have therights to access the private members of the class..* It is possible to declare the friend function as either private or public..* The function can be invoked without the use of an object. The friend functionhas its argument as objects, seen in example of friend function:1. if a function to be made friend of a class than it should be declared within bodyof the class priciding with keyword friend.2.freind function never breaks the should not be defined in name of class nor scope resolution operator is used in it'sdefination even the keyword freind is also not used while defining friend function.4.when friend function is called nither name of object nor dot operator is used. howeverit may accept the object as argument who's value it want's to doen't matter in which section of the class we have declared a freind function.Example to understand the friend function:#includeclass exforsys{private:int a,b;public:void test(){a=100;b=200;}friend int compute(exforsys e1)//Friend Function Declaration with keyword friend and with the object of class exforsys to which it is friend passedto it};int compute(exforsys e1){//Friend Function Definition which has access to private datareturn int(e1.a+e2.b)-5;}main(){exforsys e;e.test();cout//Calling of Friend Function with object as argument.}The output of the above program isThe result is:295The function compute() is a non-member function of the class exforsys. In orderto make this function have access to theprivate data a and b of class exforsys , it is created as a friend functionfor the class exforsys. As a first step,the function compute() is declared as friend in the class exforsys as:friend int compute (exforsys e1)disadvantage of friend functions is that they require an extra lineof code when you want dynamic binding. To get the effect of a virtual friend,the friend function should call a hidden (usually protected:) virtual[20]member function.

What is the difference between member functions and friend functions in c plus plus?

A friend function is declared outside of the class in which it is declared a friend but has the same privileges as any other member of the class. Moreover, a friend function can be a friend to more than one class, and can also be a member of another class altogether. The only exception is that class constructors and destructors cannot be declared friends, since they are not functions and cannot be called directly. Since friends have the same access rights as member functions, they can also be considered members of the class in which they are declared a friend. The only difference is that friend functions are not scoped to the class.

Can a friend function be friend with more than one class?


This girl is starting a roomer about your friend and you and your other friend wants to stop it what shoud you do?

This has happened to my friend as well. What we did was we told our teacher and she asked the class to raise their hands if they heard the rumor. About half the class raised their hands. She asked my friend if it really happened, and she said no. The other girls who spread the rumor were totally embarrassed! I think you should definitally tell someone.

Is this a friend who talks to you in class?


What catogry is cannabis?

In the UK, Cannabis has recently been reclassified back to Class B from Class C.

What is friend constructor?

A friend constructor is a constructor that is declared a friend of another class and that grants that constructor private access to the class in which it is declared a friend. Example: class Y { friend char* X::foo (int); // friend function friend X::X (char); // constructors can be friends friend X::~X(); // destructors can be friends }; For more information, see '11.3 Friends' in the current ISO C++ Standard.

What is a friend function in C plus plus?

A friend function in C++ is a function that is not part of the implementation of a class, i.e. not a method of the class, but that is allowed to manipulate the private parts of a class.