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Keep spending time together; if she likes you, it will come out eventually. Also, you could watch alot of romantic or action movies together. Sometimes movies are a great chance for a girl to "snuggle up" or get close to you without feeling worried about rejection. If she wants to sit may take that as a good sign.

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Q: What should you do if you like a girl who is two years older than you that you have spent a lot of time with but you do not know if she likes you?
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What should a 12 year old boy do if he likes the girl his older brother likes if she is his age?

If bro. is 4+ years older than u and the girl is his age abort if bro. is 1-3 years older but girl is your age go for it

What do you do if a boy likes you and he is 2 years older than you?

If you like him to you should let him know how you feel and take it from there

What should I do when I know a girl likes me and I like her but she is 2 years older has a bf and lives in a different state?

In all seriousness - you should move on. She is two years older. She has a boyfriend. She lives in another state. It's not going to happen. Time to move on.

Why does this guy three years older than you keep looking at you?

he likes u

How many years older should a guy be?

He doesn't have to be older.

What if a guy likes you and you are 10 years old and he is 10 years old?

It's okay for a boy and a girl to be friends at that age.However dating is something you should not think about until you are older.

What should I do when I know a girl likes me and I like her but she's 2 years older has a bf and lives in a different state?

send her flowers and wait for her to break up and take her

How do you know if a guy two years older than you likes you?

If he keeps looking at you many times, that's a safe sign to say that he likes you.

Do nabooru loves link?

ew! Nabooru is like 10 years older likes like asking if telma likes link :S

What type of girls does Daniel Radcliffe like?

He likes a blond, pretty tall and who likes the Simpson's and who he thinks quite sexy But she has to be 5-12 years younger or older-(not really older)-but NOT he same age!

How can you tell if an older guy likes you and you dont see him at school because he live right next door to you and by the way he is two years older then you?

If he smiles at you, and you catch him looking at you when you're not looking at him, he probably likes you.

How do you know if a guy that is 3 years older then you likes you?

He compliments you, sweet to you, and many other signs.

If you really like a guy who is 2 years older than you but your friends how do you figure out if he likes you or not?

ask him? yourself

Should you date a guy that is thirteen years older then you?


What is the maximum years older a guy should be to date?

at school.. 3 years

What is the legal age to babysit in PA?

12 years old It should be a least 11 years or older. But to get a lisen you have to be 12 or older

How do you ask a guy who is 11 years older than you if he likes you?

just try to get some alone time with him and ask

What do you do if you want to do somebody that's like 10 years older than you but likes you too?

if i were you i would foolow my heart coz im also dating an older person

What do you do if a guy is 26 years older than you are but you like being his friend?

Imho, age should matter very little. If both you and he enjoy time spent together, I don't really see a large problem.

Should you be dating an older man who is 10 plus years older?

if you really love him go for it<3

What does it mean when a guy always hugs you and always shakes your hand but hes 2 years older then me?

It means he likes being your friend and possibly. As long as you are old enough to date, there is not problem with him being two years older.

What should you do if you know for sure a guy 2 years older than you really really likes you and you like him back?

If you are 100% sure, go for it. I mean, really. Look around. For most married couples, the guy is usually 2+ years older than the girl. If you both feel like that, then all I can say is, JACKPOT!!

Is it wrong to date a girl two years older?

No. Some girls like it when the guy is older, but other girls don't care. If you really like her, and she likes you back, go for it!

What do you do when a 12 year old girl likes you?

If your way older than her don't go out with her cause that'd be gross if ur like 0-3 years older date her.

If a boy 2 years older than you is nice to you does that mean he like likes you?

no sorry... if it was me im just nice to everyone