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She doesn't like you. It's obvious..So just move on...Don't make yourself go crazy about it..MOVE ON>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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โˆ™ 2006-02-26 22:32:44
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Q: What should you do if you like a girl who recently got a boyfriend and she ignores you at times but you want her to like you?
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What should you do if your boyfriend is rude some times?

ignore him

How many times should you have a boyfriend?

There isn't really a limit on how many times you 'should' have a boyfriend. Once you find the one that you truly love, you will know and you can settle down with them. :)

How do you call your boyfriend if your scaredto?

Relationships can hard to manage at times. If a person is scared to call their boyfriend, they should just call their boyfriend and explain what they are feeling.

What should you do your boyfriend has hurt you So many times you still stick around so what should you do?

If your boyfriend is hurting you repeatedly, don't stick around. Dump him and date a nice guy.

Your boyfriend has mentioned several times that you should ask him to marry you is that something you should do?

Generally it is the boyfriend that asks the girlfriend to marry him, but it is not uncommon for independent women to ask her boyfriend to marry her. However, in your case your boyfriend may be teasing you and if he is not then he is controlling and you should break up with him. When he tells you again to ask him to marry you tell him not to hold his breath because that's his job!

What if your boyfriend lied to you many times?

If he's lying to you at all, you should leave him, there's plenty of guys out there for you.

What does it mean if a girl hits you not once but 3 times and she already has a boyfriend?

(my previous title, addon) i have a feeling that she likes me, should i move on (Since she has a boyfriend).. i need help.

What if your boyfriend broke up with a number of times and dated other girls how should you feel?

u should feel that its ok for you to date other people

How many times does Justin Bieber say boyfriend?

In the song Boyfriend, Justin Bieber says it 9 times.

You have cheated several times on your boyfriend what should you do?

Not trying to be mean or anything, but back off him. Cheating is THE worst thing you can put someone through. Let your old boyfriend go, your hurting him.

Should you forgive your boyfriend of two years who lied to you a couple times?

You have to find this answer yourself. No one here has the information or experience that you do.

Why does your ex makes eye contact a lot and the next day completely ignores you?

At times he gets those old feelings again, but he doesnt want to have them if u dont. So to balance it out he ignores u or block feelings out

Theres times your crush ignores you and days he doesnt why?

When a person that you like sometimes ignores you an sometimes they don't can mean a few things. It could mean that the person is busy or it could mean that it the person does not like you as much as you like them.

What should you say if you have a boyfriend and this guy has asks you out a million times how do you tell him no but be nice about it?

tell him you'' give him a call next time your single

Why do guys play with your feelings?

to try to upset you and try to get sex from you and you should know he is cheating on you take it from someone who knows. i had a boyfriend he played with my feelings and he cheated on three times. Don't let your boyfriend play with your feelings.

What is the description of a boyfriend?

A boyfriend in modern times is a romantic partner. Having a boyfriend ss teemo be trendy nowadays. A boyfriend is also allowed to physically and emotionally interact with his girlfriend.

There's This Boy I know In my Class Who's stares at me and told me to go when I was focusing when I was shooting for the basket and ignores me a lot of times?

he is interested in you.

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How regularly should you kiss your boyfriend?

There is no set amount, everyone is different. So, you should do it as often as you want. But, you should avoid doing it at inappropriate times or when you are around people who don't want to see it. That is just common courtesy.

How should you say to your boyfriend you should break up?

Do it IN PERSON. Not over a note, or texting, or computer chat. Make you bring up good times that you had in the relationship and try not to leave on a bad note.

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Should 11 year olds kiss?

i am 11 and i have a steady boyfriend and i have kissed him plenty of times.:) there's nothing wrong with it and it"s fun! go 4 it!

How long is OK a boyfriend introduce his mother to you?

If your bf's parents are any good it doesn't matter,but if they were bad,he should let you meet them maximum 5 times.