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What should you do if you like a guy and want to be his girlfriend but already made out?


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Well obviously if he hasn't asked you out and you have made out, he just wants some action.

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If a boy already refers to you as his girlfriend when you are not, and even claims that you have made out when you have not, he is just being overprotective by passing a message to other boys to leave you alone for himself.

Don't. Simple as that. If he has a girlfriend, he's already made a commitment and like it or not he's with her. You don't want to be a home wrecker. Trust me. Go look for someone else and you'll be happier in the long run.

well if my girlfriend was made at me i would give her a gift like a box of chocolates or some flowers. what you should do. you should give her a gift of love and flowers to prove it.

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Do nothing until their relationship ends. You would seem like the relationship destroyer if you made a move now.

Yes! You should tell her, you should also tell him how that made you feel. Think about it, you'd want to be told!!!!

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just make it seem like u & him are ment to be or like u were made for him

No you should not because if she could make out with a friend she doesn't like imagine what she would do with a friend she liked when your not there. She can't be trusted.

Your girlfriend has made a commitment to another man to marry him. Dump her. She obviously doesn't need you when she is marrying this other guy. Aren't you upset? She is using you. You should move on I think.

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You can't convince her to stay with you. You can ask her to stay, and you can romance her, but you can't change her mind if it's already made. I'm sorry.

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you should probably tell her that you made a mistake and that you will do better next time and give her some flowers

I would say no you should take my advice so he does not have a girlfriend because he never had a love but my sister and I made a fan chacter named poison and they become friends then more and a break up comes Along but in the real world he does not have a girlfriend but if he wanted one I would be his girlfriend :)

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if your girlfriend/you is pregnant you should keep it cause when i was 14 i got my girlfriend pregnant and i wasnt sure if i loved her so we didnt keep it and had an abortion im 17 now i still hate the disicion we made but this is my opinion hope this helps!

There are two schools of thought here: 1). You are a free agent and have not committed to a life long relationship through marriage, so you are free to date whom you choose, provided she consents to date you. 2). You have made some sort of commitment to your current girlfriend, girls talk, and if you dump one girl to date another, it is unlikely that the new girl will have much to do with you for betraying her new friend.

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