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Tell him. What do you have to lose, right? The worst that is going to happen is that he will say "No", right?


As a guy, I can tell you that the best you can do is make sure this guy is right for you BEFORE you ask him. That way, even if he says, "No", you won't have lost much or you won't even have to waste your breath.

This girl I know really, REALLY liked this guy and thought he was "Mister Perfect". Unfortunately, he cheated on her.


-C. L. Sawyer

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You really like your friend but youre not sure if he likes you back what do you do?

well you should find a boy friend that to you is kinda a friend and see if your friend is jealous

What do you do if youre not completely sure you like somebody and youre not sure if he likes you?

Well I would get to know them better, Find common interest if the guy likes the same things as you then just chat to him about that. If not then just try and have fun and relax guys don't like a girl who is insecure!

How do you ask a guy out if youre not sure he likes you?

Have friend find out if he likes you. If so, just ask.

Should i date the boy that you like and he likes you back at age 13?

Sure, if you like him and he likes you, then go for it.

What to text a guy about?

well that depends on if you like the guy or not? If you like the guy and you are not sure if the he likes you back act like he is your best friend that is a girl. What would you say to her say to him. Its the same way with if you don't like him and you don't know what to say. 1 word of advise: If you tell your friends that you like him but youre not so sure if he likes you make sure to leave that out.

When a guy say that he likes you what should you do when you like him?

Make sure that he knows that you like him as well.

What should you do if you are sure your crush likes you but it also seems like he likes another girl?

maybe tell him you like him like i did and he might say he likes you back like mine said to me

What do you do when you like a boy?

if you think he likes you too, then you should ask him out, but if your not sure, then you should try to let him know you like him without actually having to tell him, and then if he shows some of the signs that he likes you, then you can be pretty sure and ask him out

What do you when youre friends like twilight but you despise it?

tell them and make sure they know how much you despise it and they should understand

If a boys likes you and your not sure bout him what do you do?

If a boy likes you and your not sure about him you should hang out with him and get to know him until you get to the point were you decide if you like him as a friend or more then a friend!!!!

Im pretty sure the guy i like likes me back what should i do and how should i ask him if he likes me im 15 btw?

you should just straight forwardly ask him if he likes you. but make sure the topic is appropriate. there's really no other way to get across to him knowing whether or not he likes you.

What do you do if you like a guy who likes you back but might have a girlfriend?

I think you should make sure if he likes you and make sure he doesn't have a girlfriend. If he doesn't, ask him out or make it clear that you like him so he asks you out.

Should you go out with a person who likes you?

That sure beats going out with someone that doesn't like you.

What should a guy say to a girl he likes?

the best thing you can do is tell her that you like her. make sure you compliment her and also ask her who she likes.

Should you tell a guy you like him after he tells you he likes you?

Only if you do like him. Make sure he's serious first!

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