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Although I know this is never going to happen between you and your friend the logical thing to do would be for both of you to forget this guy. Friendships aren't worth losing over a guy (or vice-versa for young guys and a girl.) Consider this a lesson in life regarding communication skills. I am surprised that you haven't told your friend you liked this guy and it leads me to believe she has pulled this off on you before so you've decided to keep your interest in this guy a secret. He's free, you're free and so is your friend, so, if he hasn't asked you out ask him out! If your friend keeps falling for the same guys you do then she has a psychological problem and should be out with friends and finding her own boyfriends. You have to make the decision about your friendship. If she's OK and you both just happen to like the same guy you have two choices #1 you go after the guy and the best girl wins or, #2 both of you forget this guy and retain your friendship. If she's always falling for the same guy it's time to start communicating your true feelings towards your friend and try to work something out or walk away from the friendship.

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Should you tell your guy best friend that you like him even tho he is your friends ex?

you should talk to your friend before you do anything you should see if she is alright with it first and if shes a good friend shell say its fine but if not you shouldn't do anything, if you do you could loose your friend.

Should you tell your friend that you had a dirty dream about him?

You could if you wanted to. It happened to me before also. If you do, it will be less awkward between the two of you.

Asking out your best friend?

Asking your best friend out is a nerve wrecking experience. It could go positively well, or it could go completely wrong, depending on how your friend feels about you. Before asking them out, you should consider whether their friendship is worth losing.

Should you go out with your friend?

You Could I did And There Was no problem.

Which is correct - Has begin or has began?

Has began is correct grammar. The rain has began fits more than the rain has begin. In place of "has" you could use "will" or "should." The rain should begin.

Should you tell your friend you are gay?

It all depends on the friend. If he/she is understanding, then you could go for it.

What should you do you got dumped for your best friend?

Well, you could be happy for them to get together. Or you could tell your best friend that if they are really your friend they would give them back.

Should you love your best friend or could it ruin your friend like relationship?

It will ruin our friend like relationship

Should you hang out with your best friend and his girlfriend who you hate or should you not hang out with your friend?

If you want your friend to still be your friend, hang out with him. You might find out what he likes in his girlfriend and she could be your friend too. Friends do this for each other.

How could we feel if we didn't think before we speak?

We could feel lone. For example: if you tell wrong thing to your best friend you could lose a friend. And you could feel sad every day if you or your friend look at you because you lose your trust.

Should you lie to a friend to protect their feelings?

Absolutely not. If your friend came to you and asked you that question, answer honestly. You could lose that friend for lying to her.

Who was president when slavery began?

Slavery began before the United States even existed. It began as soon as man found out he could dominate over other men and make them do his bidding.

What had to happen before paul revere could begin his ride?

he had to meet his friend

Should you tell your friend you like the same guy as her?

It depends. You could tell her but be warned, if she is a really close friend you'll risk losing a friend.

How would the writer of an epic tell what happened before the story had began?

The writer could use a flashback.

How do you no if someone is your friend?

you could ask them, but if someone comes to you to talk, or asks for help, or something, then you could say that their a friend. it just might take sometime before it seems sorta obvious.

What to do if your best friend is flirting your girl friend?

It could be an innocent mistake, consider talking to him about it and asking him to back down. If he is a good friend this should resolve the problem. If he refuses you should consider getting better friends.

What should you do for fun with your friend that is moving soon so you can have the best time ever before she moves. Only one day she is being here. help?

There are a lot of things you can do for your friend before they move. You could plan something meaningful, like a scavenger hunt. You could do something they would never forget like skydiving or a zipline adventure. You could also just hang out like old times.

How do you get a pet without your parents knowing?

Before you buy a pet ask a friend if they are allowed to keep one and if so you could visit your friend and raise it there

What should I buy my friend on her birthday?

Something she would appreciate, something she could remember you with.

What makes a friend into a good friend?

Well, you see a good friend could be a friend that cares about you, they could be fun to be around, or both. A friend is someone who hangs out with you and they are someone to talk to. So in order to make a friend a good friend, you should hang out with them, go to fun places, care about them, pretty much you need to be a good friend in order to make your friend be a good friend and I hope I helped! :D

Who ever seen a emo boy cried before?

I've seen my best friend, who i guess you could call emo, cry before.

Should I believe my friend when she says my ex still cares She's known him since 1st grade?

You should believe your friend and what she tells you. You could also ask the boy how he feels about you.

What should you do if your friend is dating a girl you like?

well...there are 2 ways you could look at this. 1, if your friend KNEW you liked the girl before he started dating her...then dump the friend because he is obviously disregarding your feelings to get the girl, or hes trying to make you mad or jealous. 2, if your friend DIDNT KNOW you liked her when they started dating you could either tell your friend and risk awkwardness OR gain understanding and maybe a breakup between them. Or if you dont want to tell your friend you could keep quiet and wait until they break up to make a move, but realize that your friend might not want you dating his ex.

Can a doctor date a former patient?

Yes, because the patient could be an old friend that you have loved before....

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