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you shouldn't have to worry about what your best friend says....if she is a true friend and this guy likes you 2 then you guys should go out and yeah she may be jealous but she wont b mad at you forever or just tell her maybe we both liked him at the same time

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Should you call friend before going over to their house?

If you and your friend hasn't discussed about going over to her/his house then you should call them first.

Should you tell your guy best friend that you like him even tho he is your friends ex?

you should talk to your friend before you do anything you should see if she is alright with it first and if shes a good friend shell say its fine but if not you shouldn't do anything, if you do you could loose your friend.

Your friend was abused what should you do?

if your friend is being abused you should try telling your parents about it. hopefully they will be able to help. before you tell your parents make sure your friend knows first. im not sure if this will work but talk to your friend and think of something to do to stop the abuse.

Is it okay to date your best friends ex boyfriend?

You should ask your friend first on how she feels if you date him before asking the guy.

Should you go out with the cutest boy in school who likes you but your best friend went out with him before?

Before you go out with it you need to think about it if you like him and your friend is okay with it then go for it. But make sure you ask her first! Cause you might loose her for this guy!

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No one can say, certainly before records began.

Did the Persian War begin first?

It began before the Peloponnesian War.

When did islam first began?

Islam began by God by start of universe creation and even before. Refer to question below.

What should you do if you want to ask your best friend out?

If you want to ask your best friend out make sure you are ready for rejection. If your afraid of being rejected then make sure they like you first before asking them.

What should you do if you and your best friend like the same boy?

Then Tell Your Friend That You Like Him First If She Says She Liked Him First Then Tell Her To BACK OF! Or You Wont Be Her Friend.

What day is that?

It is the day after the day before yesterday, but only if that day was the first day of the last week of the first year before time began.

What did Marie Curie do before 20?

She began working with radioactivity when it first started.

Which should come first friends or girlfriend?

well that depends on you if you were closer to the friend then the friend but if you spend all your time with your girl and not friend then your not a friend

What do you do if you like somebody who your friend went out with?

You should ask your friend if they would be o.k. with it, because he/she is you friend and friendship comes first.

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Olympia is in Greece. that's where the Olympics first began before 100b.c.

When did the suffragettes begin protesting?

The suffragettes began protesting before or after the first world war.

How was the alphabet formed?

that my friend goes back when Phoenecians began the first alphabet in The land between the two rivers (Mesopotamia)

What should you do if you like someone but they are in a different class?

you should make the best of the time you guys have in the hallway when you see eachother and you should hang out with eachother afterschool. become theyre best friend , first before confessing your emotions to the person.

Is pregnancy a preexisting condition?

If the pregnancy began before the first date of coverage - yes it is preexisting.

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Capitalism began long before the Industrial Revolution.

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first album was in 99 but had worked before that to get up to it so 97

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When animal jam first began, they had no membership, but very soon they did.

First home buyer should wait how long before refinancing?

First home buyer should wait how long before refinancing?

What should you do if your friend is ignoring you?

First of all, you should know why your friend is ignoring you. Better yet, ask your friend. If it is your fault why he/she s ignoring you, say sorry, and just do your best. I hope this helps. ;)

Should you stop your friend from attacking another person?

If possible, yes, you should try your best to stop your friend from attacking another person. However, if your friend is attacked first then they will have to defend themselves.