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Meeting online is not a signature to base your future on something so serious as you moving to the U.S. (not that simple) or her moving to India (not simple either.) There is a big cultural difference going on. If you are from the Indian culture then you know very well how strict your families cultural beliefs are and that if you two should meet and fall in love there will be many problems facing you. Westernized women do not take kindly to sitting in the background or being told what to do so that's a problem right there. I will warn you that if for any reason (not accusing you) you are using this girl to enter into the U.S. the U.S. Immigration is very tough right now. There would be lots of red tape. I live in British Columbia, Canada where a lot of Indian cultures live (Hindu, Paki, etc.) Some of them are my friends and no matter how Westernized they become here I hear the young women complaining how their families are putting a great deal of pressure on them to keep the ancient ways of their elders. Some of these young women have run away from their families and lived in another town because the stress was so great and the ancient ways were being forced upon them by their parents when it came to who they saw and who they married. It doesn't matter if you are in your teens or 40s you know this problem will arise unless you are unfortunate enough to not have family. Give it a little more time before you make such a big decision. You know nothing about each other because you have only met over the internet. If you need to meet then meet on neutral ground (somewhere inbetween.)

2009-11-20 17:51:24
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