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Sometimes you need to acknowledge that you screwed up and face the consequences of your actions. If she doesn't want to try to maintain a relationship with you any more, you need to acknowledge the she has a right to feel that way. The only way you could possibly resolve the problems would be to somehow re-build the trust that has been lost by your actions. Sometimes that can be done through marriage counseling, other times it just can't be done. If you love her, let her live a life that makes her feel loved, and that may not include you. Well, do you want to start over is the question. If you do then be a man and earn her trust and companionship back. Be true to yourself and with her from this day forward. Problems do not happen over night and they do not cure themselves overnight, either. Sit down and evaluate the way your relationship needs to be nutured to get it to the place where you both can work together. Just like a good crop to grow, it needs TLC and so does a relationship, you reap what you sow.

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my dog running away in my dreams

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When he learns that Birnam Wood is moving toward the castle.

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