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Ummmm Call the police after deleting the chat room you were in If he has your email change it. Then go to school and date someone your age, he is a lot older then you I bet.

2006-08-09 03:59:32
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I'm 17 years old in 9th grade and im going to fail this year again I turn 18 in march of 2009 what should I do get a GED or keep going to school till 21 and finish high school?

You should finish school and be a news reporter. Every day go to an online tutor. And make sure you go to sumer school. If you not already in an online tutor program than go to and sighn up. ms. C

Should homework be given to school students?

Yes, i guess if they dont finish it at school

Which school should you finish to attend the University of Cambridge in UK?

Any school. It does not matter which one.

Why school should be an hour longer?

school should not be two hours longer because kid, teens and adult would love to be home with their family or kids and kids would not get a lot of extra time when they finish their homework they will have an hour or 2 to play games

Condition for Bella to become a vampire?

she should be able to finish high school.

If you were born in 1973 which year should you finish high school?


Should I enroll my children in an online high school?

Enrolling your child in an online high school program can be challenging, but as long as you are sure the online program you choose is accredited then you should not have a problem moving forward after high school.

Is it possible to get high school credits online?

You most certainly can get high school credits online. You should go to - Cached

How old to drop out of high school in Illinois?

Old? An old person is a wise person and its not wise to drop out of school for anyone. What ever it is that is troubling this person, there is help out there and they should finish school. Even if they dont want to go to college or dont think they can, they should finish high school, they will be glad they did.

At what age do children start secondary school in England?

Children in England should start secondary school by the age of 11. He or she should finish secondary school by the age of 16.

Should you finish last terms school work if you were away sick?

Yes you should always finish school to get some good education and grades even if it's boring, but that's just life, it's mainly boring.

What age do you start and finish school in France?

you start school at5years old and finish at 19 years old ever since 3rd October 1995. everybody should know that

Which online trade school should I attend?

Here is list of best online trade school: -, -, -

What grade should you start apply for collage in?

as soon as you finish high school -reespretty

When is it time to adjust your formula levels?

it should be adjusted when you finish that stupid online health class

Why should every school should have a laptop?

so that they can be connected to online resources

What is the future when your born June 18 1991?

You should be able to finish high school by this year. =)

Is there such a thing as online high school?

Online high schools vary from state to state, for instance South Carolina has an online high school. Look up that state and the school system, the information should be there.

What are the education requirements to be a school psychologist?

To be school psychologist you should be graduate of high school and finish the course Bachelor of Science in Psychology in order to advance to Masters.

Which school should I choose to earn my degree online?

This is the website that i found most helpful when looking for information on Which school should I choose to earn my degree online. here is the website - Cached

Where is the main location for Must High School?

It looks like an online high school so there main location should be online. Online schools like this Must high school may have offices but they don't have campuses or physical school buildings.

where can I buy boys school uniforms?

Kelly Sports and online retailers should have uniforms. They will be cheaper online.

How old to you have to be to start ballet lessons?

You can start pretty early. You can even start when your a teen! If you're an adult, you should probably ask a friend, family member, or go online to learn. I am learning online, since my family probably wouldn't have enough money for a dance school. Your never too old to begin!

What is your reaction about the family background of Jose Rizal?

his family was rich, they were able to send him to school abroad. we should always kept in mind that only the elite family can go to school during that period.

Should online games be allowed in school?

yes yes they should because it helps students learn