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Kick the ex to the curb for good and cut off all contact. Once a cheater, always a cheater! Unless you like getting hurt, don't involve yourself with your ex anymore. You can still love him, any two people can love one another, but it doesn't mean you should have a relationship. You will still have feelings for your ex because at one time you were together and shared a lot of personal things with this person. He will always be a part of your life and growth. However, learn an important lesson that you are worth much more and deserve a man who will respect you and treat you like it. Teach your ex a lessson that cheating is wrong and unforgiveable. If you take him back, he learns that he can do it again and still get you back.

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Q: What should you do if you met a guy who's nice but you still have feelings for your ex that cheated on you and you want to get to know someone new but your ex is still trying to be with you?
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What does it mean when you dream about kissing someone besides your girlfriend?

A warning to play it straight. If, in the dream, the dreamer is cheating, he should watch out for someone trying to cheat him. If the dreamer is being cheated, he can expect a stroke of luck.

How do you reconnect with your husband when he says he has no feelings for you and wants to be left alone?

I don't think there's anything you can do because he said that he had no feelings for you. I think that maybe you should move on without him. You should find yourseld someone who does have feelings for you instead of trying to reconnect with your husband who doesn't like you.

Can you still love someone web If you've cheated on them before but you regret you cheated?

No. It is not possible to truly love someone if you've cheated on them. If you've cheated on them, then there's obviously something about them that you don't like and you are seeking someone else who has the quality that your person doesn't have. If you truly loved someone, you wouldn't have cheated on them in the first place. It's probably best if you told them the truth, and just moved on with your life. If they forgive you, then great. But if not, just move on. There's no point in trying to mend something that had issues to begin with.

You have cheated several times on your boyfriend what should you do?

Not trying to be mean or anything, but back off him. Cheating is THE worst thing you can put someone through. Let your old boyfriend go, your hurting him.

How do you get boyfriend back after he cheated on me?

not to be rude but if he cheated on you i would not take him back. find some one else there are plenty of fish in the sea. no man should cheat on there girl. because he cheated on you if you do get him back he's going to do it again and again behind your back and im not trying to be rude just trying to keep you from getting hurt again

If I had been secretly flirting with a boy I like who has been dating a girl for 1 year and we have been intimate does he still have feelings for after everything happen even though he has a girl?

Well, frankly, just because he cheated on her with you doesn't mean he doesn't have feelings for the girl (hopefully at least some feelings of guilt). But he's obviously not the kind of guy who is into honesty and commitment. My advice to you is to forget about trying to be with this guy unless you wouldn't mind being with someone who would secretly flirt and be intimate with someone else!

How do you make your husband validate your feelings?

Tell him that you feel that he is not validating your feelings. In a relationship, especially marriage, both should be able to talk openly about their feelings. Communication is key. Don't try to make or manipulate someone to do something, it'll just make the other person that you're trying to make them do/think/feel something.

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Would a woman start a relationship with someone if she had feelings for someone else?

Yes, there's a possiblity that she is trying to make some one jealous. Or she is desperate or. She felt sorry for him.

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What if you go with a boy and you love him but you started to talk to someone else and started to catch feelings what should you do?

Take a minute to decide who you really want, don't be one of those girls who trying to talk to two guys at once.

Can a 6 hour urine blocker pass a drug test for crack?

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If your friend tells you not to worry and that you're creating something out of nothing does he love you or is he just trying to protect your feelings?

He is just trying to protect your feelings.

What should you do when you have fallen in love with a girl and now you realize that she is in love with your friend and they are trying to hide it from you?

You cannot make someone love you no matter how much you love them. The reason this girl and your friend are trying to hide how they feel about each other from you is because they care about you enough and do not want to hurt your feelings. However, it is better to be honest with you than trying to hide it.

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Just be down to earth and tell your feelings but in a way your not trying to be mean to him.

Can a married friend ever truly feel complete platonic feelings for a woman friend if they talk on the phone?

Yes of course! That's what a best friend is: someone who loves you and talks to you but is not IN LOVE WITH YOU. It happens all over the world everyday! Be glad to have a 'platonic friend' who is so close to you. Maybe you have feelings for her and you hope she will become gay for you. But she is married and you are being sneaky and unethical in trying to force a relationship with someone who already has a life partner. Be respectful of her vows and be a good friend by supporting her marriage, not being jealous or trying to make her have feelings for you. You should celebrate the fact that you a friend to talk with and then you should go out and get a life partner of your own so you and your married friend can double date. Best of Luck--Jo

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