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All of the college campuses have student aid centers. They are willing to help find ways for their students to pay for college. You might have to take out a student loan.

2006-07-20 01:26:55
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Can you get grant money to pay your living expenses while you are in college if you are a single parent?

Many single parents do qualify for grants, but not because they're single parents.

How do I qualify for a pell grant?

Be in collegeFill out the FAFSAHave low enough income to qualify including your parents income if under 25 years old.

Should parents be allowed to name their child anything they want?

No. Some of the ... original names could easily qualify as emotional abuse.

What does it take to qualify for grants for college?

In order to qualify for grants for college, you would need to qualify financially. Grants are based on financial need and there are some that require a certain GPA.

Why would you qualify for scholarship?

You can qualify for a scholarship for several reasons, one is because you may qualify for financial aid, another is your acedemics are very good, and in some occasions like college you may ne good enough to get a sports scholarship.

my mom is unable to send me to college when I graduate in 2012 because she already has 2 in college and is a widow do I qualify?

my mom is unable to send me to college when Igraduate in 2012 because she already have 2 children in college. I want to go to college to please assist us she is a widow and does not draw social security

What does college bound high school students mean?

It means high school students who are going to college right after graduation. They qualify also because of their good grades.

Is college needed to be successful?

College is not necessary to be successful. However college is needed to qualify for many jobs.

How do you qualify for pell grants for college?

You can see if you qualify for certain pell grants for college by applying for FAFSA at FAFSA provides money from the government to students who need additional assistance paying for college.

Can you go to college when you are sixteen?

Yes, if you otherwise qualify.

How can one determine if they're qualified for a college student grant?

You can determine if you are qualified for a college student grant by asking if you qualify or you can check what is required to qualify and see if that applies to you.

Can I receive financial aid in college if my father owns a business but does not have an income?

Fill out the FAFSA form using your parents' tax returns and try. Their tax bracket will determine what you qualify for.

Why i believe i qualify for the job?

Maybe because you do qualify for the job.

If your mothers parents where born in holland do you qualify for a dutch passport?


Can you qualify for Medicaid if you are pregnant and living with your parents and their insurance does not cover maternity?

The only way to answer that is by calling Medicaid and asking them if you qualify.

If your parents bought a house in their names because your credit could not secure a loan can your wife and you later refinance in your names only?

You would have to 'buy' the house from your parents, but if you can qualify for a loan, there shouldn't be a problem.

How old to you have to be togo to college?

Generally you simply have to qualify for college level courses. Age it usually not a criteria.

Can a div 1 independent qualify for college world series?


What are the requirements to qualify for a 529 College Savings Plan?

The 529 College Savings Plan has different requirements for each state. To see if you qualify for your state's requirements, you should check to see your specific requirements.

Where must one go to qualify for a college grant?

There are a number of college grants available. FAFSA is a great place to start to see which grants or scholarships you may qualify for. Good luck to you and continuing on with your education!

How do children qualify for Head Start?

Head Start is a program for children in low income families. Children qualify based on the income of their parents.

If you live in SC and work in NC do you qualify for instate SC college tuition?

You qualify for instate tuition in whichever state you pay your taxes in.

What is the dopest song?

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Can children of divorced parents receive free college?

No. Having parents who are divorced does not automatically qualify one for free college. But you can apply for scholarships, grants, and student loans, just as any other student can.

Do you need to go to college to be a physical therapist?

Yes as you need to qualify to be a Physiotherapist.