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Any new "lumps" on your body are never normal and should be evaluated by a medical professional for diagnosis and treatment. It may be nothing. It may be a cyst, or it may be something more serious. Please contact a health professional immediately. ~ T

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Q: What should you do if you noticed a lump on your forehead?
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How long does it take for a lump on the head to go away as this is on the forehead?

If a person has a lump on their forehead, they should see a doctor. This is especially true is the lump is not the result of an injury, but just suddenly appeared. If it is injury related, it should go away within a week. Going to the hospital will rule out a concussion.

Could a hard lump on the forehead be cancerous if not painful?

There is always a chance that it could be cancerous. You should have the lump looked at by your physician as soon as possible.Ê

Bony lump on forehead believed to be calcified bone How is this removed?

First of all, who is it that 'believes' this lump on your forehead is 'calcified bone'? If it was you or other persons who don't have a medical license, see a doctor. If your doctor believes the lump to be calcified bone, ask your doctor what should be done to remove it.

Should a biopsy be done of a painless hard lump the size of a pea in the center of forehead?

i have the same painless hard lump at the center of my forehead for 3 years now. it is not getting any bigger so i did not seek any medical help.

Should you be woried if you find a pea size lump on the right side of your forhead at the hairline?

You should always be a little worried when you find a pea sized lump on the right side of your forehead at the hairline or any other part of the body. A doctor can check the lump to make sure it is not cancerous.

What kind of doctor should one see if they have a small lump on the left side of their forehead?

If you have a lump on your forehead, start the evaluation with your primary care provider. The PCP can do at least an initial history and physical, and determine if additional tests are required. This can save you time in directing you to the right specialist, if needed.

What is the bony lump on dogs forehead?

It is unclear what a bony lump on a dogs forehead might be. It could be multiple things. There are cysts, cancers and just plain bumps. It is best to seek the advice of a veterinarian to get a correct diagnosis.

I've got a small hard lump on my forehead after being kicked there Is this normal will it go away?

If you've got a small hard lump on your forehead about being kicked, not only is it normal, it will likely go away.

You found a lump on your the right side of your forehead on your hairline could it be cancer?

Any kind of lump can turn out to be cancer but in most cases, it will not be cancer. It could be an inflamed lymph node or it is simply a bump from an injury to the forehead.

What could a painless lump on the forehead over the right eye be?

If it is soft it could be a fatty lump. The best thing to do is go to the doctors :)

Should you be worried if you noticed a hard pea-sized lump on the right side of your forehead at the hairline?

funny that you say that..i get those..its nothing to worry about it will go away soon...but if you strees yourself your mind can play tricks on you and you can make the matter into something worse..i dont know exactly what its called or what it is, but its nothing!

Recently had a cyst removed from back of neck a week later you noticed a hard lump above incesion and another lump on the left side of neck what can this be?

the lump helps you create a bad bad thing in your own throat. You should have a lump in your throat once in a while when your start to have your you know what and it is very important.

How much does surgery for you forehead lump cost?

dude you could be a unicorn don't get rid of it

Hard lump on forehead left after a bruise why?

It's because you touch yourself at night!

4 yr old hit forehead on metal gate 5 days ago carried on runningplaying afterward but still has bruise and a hard lump on forehead. Is this normalWhat should a lump feel like hard or soft?

A 4 year old who hit his head may have caused some injury, but if he is acting okay is not likely to be serious. The lump caused by such an injury will typically feel hard. If the area seems very sensitive the child should be taken to a doctor to make sure there is no skull fracture.

Following FESS surgery should you worry about a lump appearing on your forehead?

I know nothing about this but found this website Having read about this I think you should go back to your surgeon.

What is a lump on your forehead that was not noticed but after the person who does your botox pressed it it is getting larger and looks as if you've bumped your head?

Could be a crack on the skull,have you been hit hard lately,or it coulde be a cyst,it's common,ivene babyes have cysts.It's certainly not a tumor.

You hit your head wrestling and now you have a large painful fleshy lump on your forehead what is it?

a goose egg

How long will lump on forehead totally heal if child accidentally bump his head against the wall?

If your child hit their head that hard, you should take them to the doctor right away.

You have noticed an unusaual lump in the lower part of your throat and neck area?

if you are a boy it is called an Adam's apple, but get it check out anyways. if you are a girl then you should go to the doctor.

What should you do if you recently noticed a small lump growing around your anal area?

go to the doctors it could be something as simple as a hair bump or it could be genital warts.

Large lump on right side of your forehead and its getting bigger and its very painfull any advice?

Go to the doctor.

Is it allow to touch forehead by quran?

Yes but your forehead should be clean and you can touch the Quran by forehead in the way of respect.

Do cockatiels have a lump on their throat?

Cockatiels should not have a lump on their throat.

Had lump from my forehead removed will the scar go away?

When there is a cut, there is usually a scar. Your Surgeon should be able to give you a reasonable indication as to how he expects it to heal. Remember that everyone heals differently. Ideally the scar should heal to a faint white line.