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Find out if the statute of limitations for the state in which you live has expired on the type of debt they are trying to collect. Consumer's should be very wary of collection agencies pursuing very old debts. These agencies use intimidation and coercion to convince the debtor that they must pay or face legal action, in the vast majority of situations the SOL has expired and the creditor/collector cannot file a lawsuit to recover monies owed. A debt itself does not have an expiration date, and a collector can continue collection procedures until the death of the debtor(s) and even then some unscrupulous collectors will contact the surviving family members. FYI, the debt does not actually "die" with the debtor, but can become a claim against the deceased debtor's estate, SOL's do not apply in such situations.

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Q: What should you do if you paid off a debt over 8 years ago and you got a phone call from a collection agency saying you need to make arrangements to pay off the debt?
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How do you start paying monthly on a charged off account with a bank?

First and foremost, you need to find out who owns the debt. Call up the bank and tell them that you would like to make payment arrangements. If they still own the debt, you will be transferred to someone who will be able to help you. If the bank sold the debt to a collection agency, they should be able to give you their contact info. Call the collection agency and set up payment arrangements with them.

What percentage of the debt should repay collection agency?


You owe 690.00 to a food vendor should you pay a collection agency?

No pay the vendor. If you pay the collection agency they will extract a fee from the payment and you will still owe the vendor

Once the delinquent account has been turned over to a collection agency the physicians office should do what?

Once a delinquent account has been turned over to a collection agency, the physician's office should stop billing.

If a collection agency sends a letter to an employer asking for personal information should the employer answer it?

If the employment agency will charge a fee

Is a collection agency obligated to remove debt from your credit report?

No! The only obligation of the collection agency regarding a debt is to accurately report the debt...i.e. balance outstanding, current status, and payment history. However, if you are paying or contemplating paying a collection agency, it would be wise to negotiate a positive outcome...i.e. the total removal of the account from your credit profile in exchange for payment. This should be negotiated prior to paying the collection agency and the agreement should be in writing.

Where should I order my Las Vegas hotel?

You should order your las vegas hotel at your local traveling agency. Or if you don't know what a local traveling agency call the hotel directly to make arrangements.

Is it legitimate if a collection agency sent you a letter stating that their client would settle for a certain amount if paid by a certain date and they want you to fax the letter to them?

Before making any commitments to a collection agency, you should get confirmatio from the original creditor that the collection agency has legal authority to collect at settle the debt.

After you told this collection agency who brought your account not to call you on your job can they continue?

If you "told" them , I would assume you meant you did this via the phone. Then with that being the case , yes, they may continue to contact you. ONLY if you either write them a leter stating to not cntactyou at work , or you notify them that your employer does not permet personal calls would the collection agency not be permitted to contact you at work. I would also say that any communication should be done by letter and those letters should be done either registered or certified or both. In this manner you have documentation from the post office that you actually did contact the collection agency and when you had that contact. Also it provs you did send something so the collection agency can not latter on claim they never got anything from you the debtor . It should go without saying , but I will say it anyway , as well as sending your communication with a collection agency by registered mail, please also keep a copy of each letter that you send to them for your own records ..

If a collection account was sold to another collection agency is it correct that they should both show up on your credit report as late payments?

When a collection agency sells your debt they no longer have any claim to your debt. It's like selling a car, once it is gone it is gone.

How do you find out who you owe if the collection agencies keep selling the account?

When a consumer receives a notice from a collection agency requesting payment of a debt, the consumer should always present to the agency a written request for confirmation of the debt owed.

What percent of collections does a collections agency get for a medical bill collection?

This depends on the collection agency, but the age of the account, the location of the debt (that regulate collection laws by the state), play a big role. The older the account the higher the percentage that goes to the collection agency the percentage is negotiated between the agency and the client(this is a fact, part of a previous job).ive seen between 10% and some as high as 40%. which if you have a bill from an agency, it really isn't any f your business how much they get, you should be worried abour negotiations.

Should i send a collection agency proof of payment of debt?

with out a doubt. you would want them to update your CRA.

How do you stop a collection agency from harassing you for someone elses debt who happens to have the same name as yours?

The next time the collection agency calls you, you need to let them know they are calling the wrong person. You should also ask for the manager.

You have the receipts of payment from a bill that a collection agency says you still owe what should you do?

You should contact the office of your state attorney general consumer division. Inquire at that office how you should notify the collection agency that the debt was paid. Make certain to safeguard the receipts. You should make a couple of sets of copies and then keep the originals in a safe place.

What should you do if you get a letter from a collection agency and the amount of the debt is wrong?

The collection agency must give you thirty days to dispute any portion of the debt they claim you owe. You must send a written reply disputing the amount and any proof of your claim.

If you don't receive a summons or any documentation regarding a pending lawsuit by a collection agency how do you know if it's really true?

If you are being sued, you will always receive a summons. Sometimes it is delivered by a process server sometimes by registered mail. A collection agency telling you, you are being sued, does not necessarily make it fact. Only attorneys can file suit and they have to adhere to the state laws where the person resides. A collection agency cannot sue you regardless of what they claim. Sorry, I should add you need to be aware of the difference in collection agency and collection attorney. For instance Mann-Bracken LLC, are collection attorneys and/or arbitrators. They can initiate a lawsuit.

Request to Cease Collection Activity?

Get StartedIf an identity thief purchases products on credit using your name and fails to make payment, you will likely have one or more collection agencies contacting you for payment. This letter should be used to inform the collection agency that you have been a victim of identity theft and that you should not be required to pay for the purchases. Send copies of proof that may be needed to show that identity theft has occurred.Note: You should contact the collection agency immediately and use this letter as a follow-up. However, if you choose not to call first, this letter can be used as a first contact with the collection agency. To learn more about consumer rights and general rules regarding debt collection, refer to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

What do you do if an account was turned over to a collection agency but the original creditor accepted your payment in full?

Contact the original creditor. Provide proof of your payment. They need to retract the account from the collection agency. The account could have been sold to the collection agency or simply assigned to them. For your purposes, it does not matter which situation applies. You paid the original creditor and your credit report needs to reflect this. After they do what they need to do to get the account back; you then dispute the entries with all three credit bureaus. The original account should show as a paid collection and the other collection account should be removed from your credit report entirely.

Should you give the collection agency your banking info over the phone?

no No nO NO never give out any personnal information. if they are a reputable collection they have every thing they need to know from the client they are collecting.

How many years can a collection agency still pull your credit report?

A collection agency can't access a credit report w/o the permission of the party involved. They may try to mislead someone into believing they are able to do so, and that is a violation of the FDCPA and should be reported as such.

Can a 9 year old debt be garnished by a collection company if you filed chapter 13 9 years ago and paid that same debt?

The answer is: Legally no...but! If you do note take specific steps to inform the collection agency that the debt was discharged in bankruptcy, they will move forward as if the debt is valid and can actually obtain a court judgment against you entitling them to collect. For example, if the collection agency sends you a letter saying you owe such and such and you choose to ignore them. Then they can rightfully assuming that their assertions are correct and proceed to sue you in court to obtain a money judgment. If you are faced with this situation, you should send a certified letter (return receipt requested) to the collection agency along with a copy of the information indicating that the debt has been dealt with in bankruptcy. Also send a certified letter to yourself with the same information. Keep both receipts, but do not open your letter when it comes back to you in the mail. Should the collection agency continue to pursue this debt with a lawsuit you can bring a counter suit against them fror fraud and you will most definitely be able to prove to the court that the collection agency does not have a valid claim.

Can a collection agency report you to the credit bureau if you are making monthly payments on your medical bill?

If the debt was properly assigned by the original creditor, yes. If you are making payments to the Original creditor than ask them to pull it back from there Collection agency, then dispute with the CRA's and when they update it should delete

Can a collection agency attempt to collect a debt that was settled by another collection agency as 'not valid' a year prior?

They can attempt to collect. If the debt can be proved to be invalid the information should be forwarded to the agency via certified mail. Whether or not the debt is invalid under the terms of the orignal agreement depends on the how it would be viewed in court (if it comes to that).

Can a collection agency legally demand you tell them where you are getting the money to pay off your debt?

Absolutely not. A collection agency can only demand payment of you. If you think the collection agency with which you're dealing is acting unethically, you should check out the Fair Debt Collection Act. You can file a formal complaint and the agency can be fined. * Legally they cannot "demand" anything, they can request, they can debate, they can negotiate, assuming the debtor wants to spend the time engaging in such, but they cannot "demand". The debtor always has the option of hanging up the phone and refusing to communicate with a collector or creditor, as there is no U.S. law that requires the debtor to do accept nor particpate in collection calls.