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What should you do if you put too much oil in the engine and smoke is coming from the exhaust?


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2011-09-13 13:05:14
2011-09-13 13:05:14
Too Much Oil in EngineHere are suggestions from FAQ Farmers:
  • Let some of the oil out from the pan and remeasure it and add enough oil to get it to the FULL position on the oil dip stick. Clean the dip stick with a clean rag before you insert it and measure it twice making sure that it is inserted corrctly.
  • Drain your oil. if you are using a lot of oil( a quart a week ). put in some 10-40 oil. if you don't use oil. put in 4 qaurts 10-30. let it sit and then check your dip stick(make sure it goes all the way in!) if you need more oil add a quart. run for a while -- let the engine sit for ten minutes -- check oil again . good luck .

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It is buring oil this is a wrong answer whe engine burn oil to the exhaust smoke is a heavy white smoke no black

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Car maintenance is very important for a smooth ride. When there is white smoke coming out of the exhaust, it is usually an indication of water in the engine.

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Sounds like engine coolant is getting into an engine cylinder

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sounds like you have head gasket problem if the exhaust smoke is white in colour then its engine coolant if its blue smoke then its burning oil you will need to get the engine pressure tested at a garage.

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