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What should you do if you really like a girl and you think she might like you but you are not sure?

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2007-05-16 23:23:57

Why don't you just ask her ,you know? ( this is from a female's

point of view by the way) It would be cool if you just asked, like

in a note if you don't wanna ask in person. Just make sure she

doesn't have a man! But if you have a strong feeling that she likes

you than you're probably right. Most people can tell when someone

likes them. So go for it, the worst thing she could say is no. Just

ask her in a simple way, you can't get hurt if you don't say

everything you feel at the start, just don't reveal all your

feelings. Just ask and if she says "Yes I like you" then you can

get all romantic with her and stuff. Hope that helps!!!! Good Luck!

God Bless

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