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move on. this person is obviously not worthy of your attention if they want to see other people. find someone that will respect you and your feelings. =Answer= I totally agree with the other poster and you can do much better.

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Why do i keep dreming about my boyfriend seeing someone?

why do i keep dreaming about my boyfriend seeing someone You are either insecure (like most of us) and afraid he is looking at/seeing other women, or he is actually looking at/seeing other women and you don't condone it, but don't do anything about it either. How's that?

Why are girls turned on looking at naked girls?

It depends on the women. Naturally, lesbians would be turned on by seeing other women naked. Not every woman is turned on by seeing another woman naked, since what do the other women have that they don't? But if you find this to be sexually arousing, you will be aroused when you see it.

What are features of lesbians?

Lesbians are women who are emotionally and physically attracted to other women. This is the only feature of being a lesbian.Lesbians are women who are physically and emotionally attracted other women. This is really the only feature of a lesbian.

Should a pregnant women go on a trampoline?

not really, it says not suitable for pregnant women on the instructions manual. Heavily pregnant women should def not go on it!

Why is your boyfriend calling other girls?

Really only he can answer this for you and you should calmly ask him why and tell him how it makes you feel. If he cannot be with just one girl and have respect for her by not calling other women then he should not be dating at this time.

What should women wear in Djibouti?

Women in Djibouti are use to seeing the styles of the United States. Since the French are a dominant figure in the area you can wear what you are use to.

What if the guy you are seeing for 6 months doesn't give you a Valentine's Day gift?

It really shouldnt matter because if you both are truly devoted to each other then there is only one gift that should really be important. And that's each other. Valentines day was created for couples to spend time together and share their love with them. Most of the time you will get a gift. But does it Really matter? I see that the women that demand a gift are just down right selfish. But some think differently. If this guy your seeing doesn't get you something, don't over react because it really doesn't matter as long as he is with you showing you how he feels for you and spends time with you.

Should women in other countries have the same rights as women do here in the USor should it be based on their own cultures?

I think that women in other countries should have the same rights as women do here in the U.S. because we all have the same rights and I think that it should be like this all over the country.

If your boyfriend is seeing you and another women should you stay or go?

LEAVE!!! he's most likely just using both of you

Why should women be priests?

women should be priest because they are just life other people. We live in a world were men can do anything, but women can't?

Should I let my boyfriend go out with other females if I don't trust him?

If you dont trust him no. But if u are with him its okay When you say "go out" I assume you mean casually, and the following reply is based on that understanding. At the end of the day, it will not be your decision - he is his own person - it will not be up to you to "let him" go out or not. He may choose to casually socialize with other women, whether you approve of it or not. Even without seeking the casual company of other women, he will eventually encounter chance moments with other women that he did not anticipate. Certainly you can not forbid him from talking to other women for the rest of his life. But more to the point is the fact that you do not trust him. That is the elephant in the room here. Fretting about whether he should go out with other women is just a sideshow to this much deeper problem. You should consider spending your time and energy understanding why you do not trust him, and seeing if there are ways to fix that. And if you do fix that, then the issue of going out with other women will disappear.

How can you tell if your woman really likes other women?

If she kisses another girl is usally means... that she likes other women... also she likes pandas

Should married women hangout with other guys?

As platonic friends there is no more problem than hanging out with other women friends. If it became "sexual" with either the other men or other women then it would be improper.

Is Hera jealous?

Yes, Hera was jealous of her brother-husband, Zeus, because he was always seeing (and having children with) other women.

How does more feel about woman in the military?

I think there is nothing wrong with women in the military. Other than how other people are against me it will show what women are really made of.

If a guy is in relationship with two women how does he know which one he loves more?

If he really loves them he should not lie and tell them of the other and the one that sticks around, loves him and will forgive him.

Should a man and women live together before marriage?

No that's stupid but if your really really close i guess yes

Is it cheating when your husband emails other women?

It really depends who the women are and what exactly he is mailing to them. If it is just friends and joke emails then it really is harmless but if you find the content is questionable and the women are not someone as a friend then it isn't exactly cheating per say but it certainly isn't behaviour that should be carrying on and should be confronted. ANSWER: I think it depends on what kind of email and women your husband is writing to. I don't know what kind of job he have but if his doing this for fun. If his sending emails to this women and he never told you, that's when you can say his trying to go on that direction ( cheating).

Do girls or women really like to feel pain?

No, they should be treated with respect andhonesty.

Is it true that married women should not have single guys as friends and if so does it really turn into something more than just friends?


Is it hard for men and women to talk to each other?

No, not really. There problem is that some people (men and women) may be a bit shy.

Do women really like to wear thongs?

I don't.... I don't know about other girls

Should you date a guy who went out with your friend if you really like him and he likes you but shes really protective?

No, no, no! A thousand times NO! That is way men don't respect women any more. That is being too easy. There are other fish in the sea.

Is the assumption that men or women are better than the other?

No! Men and Women should be treated the exact same, and one is not better than the other!

Men and women should compete against each other in a sport?