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File the claim. That's what you have insurance for. He probably made a few phone calls and got 'sticker shock' at the cost of even minimal damage repair. Or maybe someone convinced him he should file the claim. Either way, just file the claim with your carrier. Waiting and second-guessing will just get costlier for everyone involved.Don't worry about no police report being made. Adjusters conduct their own investigation anyway; police reports are useful for details about the vehicles, the location, and the drivers, but they DO NOT make the liability decisions. They are not employed by the insurance company - the company hires adjusters to make the liability decisions. Police officers are interested in civil traffic code and issuing citations; insurance carriers are interested in far more detail about the accident than police reprots offer.

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Q: What should you do if you rear ended a parked car but the owner said there wasn't any damage and didn't want your insurance info or to call the police but 4 days later called and wants me to do so?
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Who is responsible for damage to a parked car?

Typically the driver that hit the parked car. But if there is no record and was a hit and run, you file a police report and your insurance should coverthe damage, less deductable.

If your parked car was involved in a hit-and-run with damage less than your deductible and you filed a police report do you have to notify your insurance?

No. But they won't pay for it of course. =)

You live in Iowa have a new car no Driver license but your car is hit while parked in a parking lot- what should you do?

Hopefully you have insurance. Call the police, if you weren't driving the vehicle at the time of impact, then it shouldn't matter that you don't have a license. After the police have filed a report, file a claim with your insurance company. If you have no insurance, call the police anyway. But know that you will have to foot the bill for all damage because you don't have insurance.

How do you get the insurance company to change your record to show not-at-fault for a vehicle hit parked and unattended?

provide them with a police report. Your old insurance company should already know the situation, and they can produce what is called a letter of expierence for you.

Will insurance pay if you do not have a police report?

Police reports are not necessary, insurance companies can recreate the occurrence from the damage on the vehicle and determine who is at fault.

What happens if your car was hit parked and you know who did it?

Fill out accident report with police. The person's insurance will pay for repairs.

My parked car has full coverage and was hit by an uninsured driver?

tell your insurance company and the police and your insurance company will pay everything except the deductible. If you have full coverage than your insurance is required to make good on the damage. It is up to your insurance company to try and get their money back from the uninsured driver of the other vehicle.

Does a homeowner association become responsible for damage to a vehicle parked in an assigned parking spot?

Take your police report of the damage to your insurance broker, with the name of the carrier of the master policy insurer for the association. The brokers and insurers can decide who pays for the damage. There is no standard answer to your query.

Can police impound your car for no insurance or registration?

If it's parked on public property, or you're caught operating that vehicle, yes.

What will happen if you rearend someone with no insurance no damage done it was at 20mph no calling the police or their insurance they decide to see how they feel in a few days can they file claim?

Yes, they can. The fact that they have no insurance and the Police were not called has no bearing. If they do decide to claim for any injuries, your insurance company will scrutinize it, but not necessarily deny it.

If you bump a truck and both pull over and there is no damage at all and the truck that was bumped had no damage and the car that bumped it had no damage should the cops still be called?

If any injuries are involved, the police should be called. Also, either driver has the right to call the police so an accident report can be written. If there is no damage, one is probably better not calling the police, as the accident may be reported to your insurance company.

If your vehicle is parked and you are out of it with keys can the police take you to jail for no license no insurance?

It depends on the state, however, the general rule is, that if you are the registered owner of a vehicle and have your keys in your possession, yes, you may be ticketed for not having insurance and/or driving license. It is called intend to drive.

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