Auto Insurance Claims

What should you do if you rear ended a parked car but the owner said there wasn't any damage and didn't want your insurance info or to call the police but 4 days later called and wants me to do so?

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September 13, 2011 1:06PM

File the claim. That's what you have insurance for. He probably made a few phone calls and got 'sticker shock' at the cost of even minimal damage repair. Or maybe someone convinced him he should file the claim. Either way, just file the claim with your carrier. Waiting and second-guessing will just get costlier for everyone involved.Don't worry about no police report being made. Adjusters conduct their own investigation anyway; police reports are useful for details about the vehicles, the location, and the drivers, but they DO NOT make the liability decisions. They are not employed by the insurance company - the company hires adjusters to make the liability decisions. Police officers are interested in civil traffic code and issuing citations; insurance carriers are interested in far more detail about the accident than police reprots offer.