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Get a Lawyer, Hope this helps, Good Luck and God Bless!!

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Q: What should you do if you received a letter saying you're being sued?
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How do you respond letter of tardiness?

If you received a letter from your boss (or from a teacher) saying you are being penalized for tardiness, the best thing to do is apologize. But in addition, you need to accept what you have done wrong and promise you will correct it. Your letter of apology should acknowledge your mistake, give any reason that may have contributed to the tardiness (but be careful you do not sound as if you are making excuses), and promise it will not happen again. It is very important, both in school and in business, to have a reputation for being prompt, so make sure the person who sent you the letter knows you are sorry and that you will not repeat this behavior in the future.

How do you write a thank-you letter after being selected for a job?

A thank you letter that is sent after being selected for a job should be sent to the interviewers. This letter should include the date and time of the interview and your sincere thoughts about being hired.

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write on it saying keep away badys

Solutions to circus abuse?

A law should be passed saying that the animals in circuses, while being trained, should not in any way be harmed.

Is downloading iMovie HD on a mac illiegal?

Yeah dude don't do it. I did it and I received a letter from the RIAA at my house the next week saying that I was being sued for $10,000. With my lawyer we brought it down to $1,000 and community service but please don't make the same mistake I did.

How do you write a PEO sisterhood acceptance letter?

You should start the letter out by congratulating the person for being accepted. You should also put the date of acceptance in the letter. You should also put in the letter what the applicant needs to do in order to get started.

If you have just received a form letter stating you are being consider for jury duty What does it involve How long might?

Depends what you did.

Should you send a thank you letter if you are just being updated on the hiring status?

YES, u should.

How do you write a sample letter for not attending class?

A sample letter for not attending class is actually saying why you missed class. It could be due to being sick, a death in the family, or a family emergency.

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i officially wrote in an inquest to there being another series for the show "outback 8" as i am in the age gap of being apart of the show and i received a letter back from the channel 10 offices in Melbourne saying that there isn't going to be, at this point in time, another series of outback 8 though as of the inquery it has been sent to a higher member of the company saying that many people, not just kids, are interested in participating in another series therefore it being popular enough. :)

How do you answer a query letter?

A polite response stating that the work has been received and is being reviewed is a good first answer. It should be followed up with either a positive or negative response with suggested changes to the work to make it more acceptable.

Sample solicitation letter for basketball uniform?

The solicitation letter for basketball uniforms should state what team the uniforms are for. You should also mention about you being able to help advertise for their business in the letter.

A Sample letter explaining for being late for work?

The letter should be addressed to your boss with a plausible explanation for being late to work, along with attached documentation to substantiate the reasons for being late, if available.

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I've been phoning several stores in Toronto and they've been saying that a shipment is being received in the USA mid-January and that it should distribute to Canada sometime later that month. I believe that is how the game is distributed in North America.

What should a captive do if given the oppurtunity to write a letter?

Write a letter being careful to reveal no usable information to the captor.

How do you make an excuse letter for being absent at work because of sick?

If you are sick you should write an excuse letter for your employer. The letter should include a copy of the note from the doctor and the time you will be absent from work.

How do i express thanks without being redundant?

Simply saying "I can't tell you how much this means to me. I'll never forget it," should do it.

If youre mean to a guy you like and you stop talking how should you go about getting him to talk to you again without being awkward?

You could text him, saying your sorry, or, if your in school, write him a note saying your sorry.

What should be used to show copies of letter being sent to others?

cc: (names)

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What did Angelou mean by saying the ancient tragedy was being replayed? In her writing "Graduation"

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It means he is saying "no". Most likely not because he doesn't want to continue, sounds like hes being either respectful or responsible.

Can summons be obtained if the defendant never received a letter of demand?

Usually. Only a few types of law suits require a demand letter prior to being filed. Check state law.

What mean in ins saying document other than card or travel document being held?

i have a case i-130 with the immigration about five years,i just received a email notifications about my case status.

Has anyone received a warning message from chat roulette?

Received one today saying im being monitored and my address is being copied to process me for serious abuse or something? it looks real but i didn't do anything intentionally or unintentionally wrong, just nude like the rest of the guys and animals no minors no communication of threat etc.