What should you do if you saw your girlfriend holding hands with another guy?

Look, it's not like you caught them in flagrante delicto, but it's pretty close. Let's face it: she's got feelings for another guy. If you still like hanging with her and she with you, fine. Leave it alone. Just understand you're not the love of her life and she could be gone tomorrow. But if you're not comfortable with that, if it's gonna eat you up and make you all (bad word removed) when you see her, then break up with her and move on. Take it from the other side, i held hands with the guy i liked even though i was dating another guy and he knew i liked the guy. My boyfriend just asked me what was up. That is the best way to sort things out, communication I just said that I liked him but i still liked the other guys too. My boyfriend just asked if i wanted break up and i said i would back off the other guy. if your girlfriend is anything decent then she'll back off the other guy. Nicely tell her that you saw her holding hands with another guy and it bothers you. If she really likes you, she will understand.