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Look, it's not like you caught them in flagrante delicto, but it's pretty close. Let's face it: she's got feelings for another guy. If you still like hanging with her and she with you, fine. Leave it alone. Just understand you're not the love of her life and she could be gone tomorrow. But if you're not comfortable with that, if it's gonna eat you up and make you all (bad word removed) when you see her, then break up with her and move on. Take it from the other side, i held hands with the guy i liked even though i was dating another guy and he knew i liked the guy. My boyfriend just asked me what was up. That is the best way to sort things out, communication I just said that I liked him but i still liked the other guys too. My boyfriend just asked if i wanted break up and i said i would back off the other guy. if your girlfriend is anything decent then she'll back off the other guy. Nicely tell her that you saw her holding hands with another guy and it bothers you. If she really likes you, she will understand.


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Holding hands is not a requirement to being a good girlfriend. If it is an issue for you, talk to her about it. Tell her how you feel.

Take her home one day and introduce her as your friend. Most mothers should get the idea, especially if you are holding hands at the time.


Kissing and holding hands, the end.

then she is not comitted to the relationship and you should dump her

I'm writing a book and it has a similar theme. I think it should just be kissing, and holding hands and telling your boyfriend/girlfriend you love them.

There is nothing wrong with holding hands; most teachers would probably prefer that to many other things. Continue as you were beforehand.

holding hands/ holding hands together

It means that the girl is enjoying holding hands with you, and they want to keep holding hands because she likes you.

If you are dating someone that is to be monogamous then your partner should not be holding hands with someone else.

I can understand if you're nervous but is holding hands really that bad? It's quite innocent. The golden rule is though to not do anything you don't want to do but she deserves to find out why you wont hold you hand if she is your girlfriend. Personally I can strongly recommend holding hands. It's something we can do all our lives and it's very nice. At your age it's almost like having a secret no one else knows about - just the two of you - feeling her hand in yours.

Yea. I saw him with a really pretty mixed girl,holding hands. Plus it was on his fan page.

Holding hands is a universal sign of friendship, trust and affection. The specific meaning of this particular dream would depend on who is holding hands with whom.

Tell your friend that she's your girlfriend, and he needs to keep his hands off... If she liked him, she wouldn't be dating you.

I think so! Because all the magazines show him and selena gomez kissing and holding hands(:

No,because you need to pay attention to your schoolwork and not if you are holding their hand right and if they like the way you are holding their hand.

When holding in your hands.

it should be showed by the simplest ways.those are like holding hands spending time together sitting next to each other in class or even having lunch together.this are simplest ways to show your affection to your girlfriend.

not nessasarily!!!!! But yes it does typically mean that you are in a relationship if you are holding hands. But it depends which way you hold hands!!!!!!!!!!

you should dry your hands properly because even after washing your hands, touching the faucet could be holding even more germs! dry your hands sufficiently and to a T, so that no leftover 'wetness' is there. and you'll be free of germs:)

It depends how serious you are. If you're hilding hands, then you will have to hug soon. But then don't do something you don't want to do.

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