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ANSWER:you should go "hey i think i ran into you yesterday i`m ( your name)!!!!!! so where are you from?? oh that's cool how long have you been planing to stay????

ask questions like that don`t be afraid you never know whats gonna HAPPEN!!!!!!!!

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Should you brush your hair everytime you see a hot guy?

You should not base your hair brushing on how often you see a hot guy. If you brush your hair in the morning and at night, and then touch it up if you have gym class or come in on a windy day, you are fine. Your hair will look good when you see those hot guys, you can spend your energy talking to them instead of reaching for a brush.

Where is room 205 in custom robo arena?

it is to the left in the hotel, a guy will be standing next to the door. you should also be able to see the numbers of the roum, they're right next to the door

What is the one song where the music video is of this guy and he can't see anybody around him?

Middle of Nowhere by Hot Hot Heat

Where is balloon guy on HorseIsle?

If you mean balloon guy he's on Jungle Isle around the southern tip. If you go to the southern tip of Jungle and use your telescope you should be able to see a house and a hot air balloon.

Should you kiss a guy that you like to see if he kisses you back?

Yes you should.

Should you still be with this guy that you dont see anymore?

If you don't see him anymore, you should move on but if you love him find him and be with him.

What does it mean when a girl calls a guy Chicken?

Chicken means; hot guy/boy. So if you see a girl scream chicken whilst looking at a guy she means to say " he is really hott!!" :P (T.C.S; means 'the chicken stare', when a hot guy gives you a stare!)

How can you tell if a girl likes you if you never see her?

genius guy,she probably thinks your cute or HOT!

What does it mean when a guy looks back at you?

It's called a double take, and he is looking to see if. Your hot

How do you get a guy that is hot but you are not?

Be yourself around him and allow him to see how beautiful you are on the inside even if you are not that attractive on the outside.

What should a guy look for in a girl?

a good personality he SHOULD see her inner beauty and.... he SHOULD see her outer beautiful as well <3

What should you ask a guy to see if he likes you?

If he likes you back

How does a 6th grade girl get a date?

you should look at the guy and see if he has a girlfriend and if he dose not you should ask to hang out. look at the guy and see if he has a girlfriend and if he dose not ask to hang out but dont push it

Why do girls get horny when they see a hot guy?

Not all girls do, but they could if it's about 14 days after their period.

What the first thing a girl notices when they see a guy?

if their hot or not. their fashion sense. hair style. tallness.

Why you cannot go into your Habbo Hotel?

If it says that habbo is having difficulties or something and you see the welcoming hotel guy wrapped in cords, then that means they're fixing the site more. it's not your computer or anything.

How does a chubby guy get a hot girl?

The chubby guy asks the hot gal out and the hot gal says yes. Then the chubby guy keeps her attracted by using all sorts of tactics. Unfortunatly, girls do not go for looks as much as guys do. If a guy sees a hot gal, he is after her. Girls look more into personality and the guy has to keep her attracted. Most gals prefer cocky/funny sparks and an upbeat personality. Me being a very fit and in shape guy...hates it to when I see the woman of my dreams with a heavier guy. ticks me off.

If she is see a new guy what should you do?

then u need to get a new girl

Should you call a guy you met and want to see again?


How far should a guy travel to see a woman?

3000 miles

Should girls ask a guy out or visa versa?

Answer I don't see why the burden should always be on the guy to ask the girl out, both sexes should loosen up a bit and get it on.

Do Hilton Hotel vouchers have an expiration date?

Yes Hilton Hotel vounchers have an expiratrion date. You should check themt o see when the expiration date is.

Can your dog turn hot pink?

Hot pink seems extreme..... If your dog is hot pink you should see a vet. (Like myself)

Why should you go to Babylon?

because thy have beautiful sights to see and recomend the ponitasda hotel amazing

What does it mean when a guy calls a girl Bunny?

Bunny means; Hot Girl So when you see a a guy call a girl a bunny he means to say shes really hoott!! :P (Bunny Boiler; is a term used when a girl is so hot that she makes hot girls angry)