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People can fall in and out of love, but, both of you were wrong in what you did. Sex alone doesn't make you fall in love so if you're betting a one night stand of sex is love forget it! If you loved each other and knew it then she should have broken it off with her boyfriend. When in doubt, both of you should put yourselves in her boyfriend's shoes. Not a nice feeling is it! Since you think you are in love then she is going to have to break-off with her boyfriend, but it would be wise not to hurt him further by telling him she has slept with you. If she isn't willing to do this then she doesn't love you enough.

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What do you do if ou slept with your friend and you realize that you like him but he doesnt like you back?

Seriously!!! i wish you people would think of that stuff before you do it!!! he thinks of you as a friend. maybe you should have asked him if he liked you BEFORE you slept with him.

What do you do if you slept with your ex boyfriends best friend while drunk and said no and said to stop?

If you slept with him and you told him no and to stop then that is rape and you should tell someone immediately.

What should you reply if someone say sorry to you?

i don't care. you shouldn't of slept with my wife. you git.

Should you tell your ex you slept with someone hours after you two had broken up?

No. If she is your ex then you do not have to explain anything to her.

If your wife is looking on Facebook for someone she slept with what should i do?

Consider yourself lucky that a blogger is sleeping with someone who is willing to sleep with you. You have to take the bad with the good

Can your cousin date someone you slept with as a teen?

no because you already slept with that person and you guys are related.

Can you get syphilis from sleeping in a bed where someone with it has slept?


If you are seeing someone and a guy you know saids we should have slept together what do they mean?

I'm guessing they are implying you two should have had sex at some point or another.

What does it mean when someone has slept with someone else?

It is a polite way of saying they had sex.

If you fall asleep on someone and they fall asleep as well does that mean you slept together?

well yes you slept together!

What do people mean when you slept with someone?

You're an idiot.

What should you do you are seventeen and you slept with your teacher?

Tell your parents, clergymen, principal, school nurse.............someone. Believe me, you'll never be the only one. What your teacher did is wrong and he/she will do it to someone else.

What are the signs that your separated wife has slept with someone else?


Can you give your partner an std if you slept with someone the day before?


What is the longest time someone has ever slept?

They could have slept FOREVER because someone might be unconscious, frozen, of has taken so many sleeping pills, they end up falling asleep forever.

What to do if you have slept with someone with herpes?

Probably your best choice is to go to the doctor as soon as you can.

Did Justin bibber ever sleep with someone and who?

No Justin has never slept with anyone

How do you tell boyfriend has slept with someone you guys live with?

If he wants to be with them more than you

If your period was supposed to be on 9 feb and you slept with someone on 8 feb when would your baby be due?

31st OCtober, providing you conceived the day you slept with this person

What does a Persian cat sleep on?

i have had three persians in my life and none of them have ever liked cat beds they have have always slept on one of the couches or beds

If you slept with someone on 8 feb would your baby be due 15 nov?

Yes, It would be around then, but the due date is not neccessarily contingent upon the date you slept with someone, but instead- the first day of your last menstrual period.

Is slept a verb?

Yes, slept is a verb. Take the sentence, She slept. What is your subject? She. What did she do? She slept. Slept is an action word. That is the action that she performed. She slept. It is a verb.

What does it mean when someone told you - You would love it if I slept with you?

it means that they are arrogant and conceited

Has Miranda Cosgrove ever have ever slept with someone?

Maybe. She won't admit it anyhow.

Why does your kid resemble the man you slept with when you were one month pregnant?

i dont have a kid nor did i sleep with anyone, and i was never pregnant.... dont say why YOUR kid looks like someone YOU slept with say I and why does MY kid look like the man I slept with when I was pregnant.....