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What should you do if you stepped on your baby kitten and she is breathing hard?

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You should take her to the vet NOW!! She could have damage done to her lungs or some broken ribs. PLEASE TAKE HER TO THE VET NOW!!! Good luck and God Bless:)

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What should you do if you stepped on your baby puppy and he is breathing hard?

don't step on it! poor puppy!:( why did you step on it!

What is a kitten?

A kitten is a baby cat.

Is a kitten a baby beaver?

Yes, A baby beaver is called a kitten.

What is the baby name for a cat?


What should you feed a baby bunny beside formula and kitten milk?


Can you feed a baby kitten baby formula?

yes you can but it will not give the kitten the nutrients it needs

Is there a difference in between a kitten and puppy?

A kitten is a baby Cat and a puppy is a baby dog

Can you give a kitten baby asprin?

no never give a kitten that

How do you spell kitten?

The spelling "kitten" is correct (baby cat).

Kitten or cub what is a baby cat?


Can you give your kitten purina cat food?

It depends on the age. If your cat is under 4 weeks, NO. A big fat NO. You can give a kitten purina kitten chow once it is weaned. If the kitten is 4 weeks or under, it will need KMR. (Kitten milk replacer) It should be fed with a bottle intended for nursing kittens, NOT a baby bottle with a baby nipple.

A baby lion is a kitten not a cub?

A baby African or Asiatic lion is referred to as a cub. A baby mountain lion is referred to as a kitten.

What to do baby chick is breathing but limp and not moving?

If your baby chick is breathing but limp, you should take it to the vet's office. They will be able to determine what happened and treat the chick.

What two animals are called kittens?

a baby cat is called a kitten and a baby lion is called a kitten

What comes first the cat or the kitten?

the kitten is a baby cat. So the kitten comes 1st.

What should you do when a mother rejects her kitten?

When a mother rejects her kitten it may be best to separate the felines because the mother may kill the kitten because of the scent of a human is on it. The mother thinks that it is no longer her baby.

What is baby cat?

A kitten.

What is a baby cat?

A kitten.

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Cat is to kitten as adult is to?

Cat is to kitten as adult is to child (or baby).

What is a baby bush dog called?

kitten it is.not puppy kitten

What is the baby of a rabbit?

A baby rabbit is called a 'kitten.'

When can you hold a baby kitten?

You can usually hold a kitten whenever you want, but one time not to is when the kitten is getting it's milk. Also, you do not want to hold the kitten for long because mothers are very protective of their baby kittens. And, it depends how old the kitten is.

What do you do if your baby kitten cant walk on its hind legs?

When baby kittens are very tiny they can't walk that well and will wobble and flop all over the place. If the kitten is 2 weeks or more old they should be able to walk fairly well. It could be birth defect or something else is wrong and the kitten should be examined by your vet. NOW!

Is a baby fox a puppy or a kitten?

its a baby fox simple