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It's wise to see a psychologist (does not prescribe drugs, but can speak with your doctor if they feel you need medication) or a psychiatrist (can prescribe drugs). In this stress related world of today there are millions of Americans and Canadians that suffer from various forms of depression, obsessive compulsive disorders, anxiety, panic attacks and Agoraphobia. A good psychologist/psychiatrist can get the patient treated either through medications (just a band-aid) and other forms of treatment such as Cognitive Therapy (it works because I've taken the course and it's learning tools to handle stress. I use it to this day.) Good luck

2006-09-11 19:44:29
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Q: What should you do if you think you have OCD and trichotillomania because you fantasize things not sexual and you don't want to see a shrink because you decided to stop seeing your father?
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