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It doesn't matter. What matters is does he still love her? If she still loves him, she might be a problem. But nothing you and he cannot handle. If he no longer loves her, he will be aware of any tactics she may use to get him back.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-08 17:41:28
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Q: What should you do if you think your boyfriend's ex still loves him?
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I need a subject to talk about with a guy?

i think you should talk to him abaut school or abaut his boyfriends i think you should talk to him abaut school or abaut his boyfriends

How do you know if your exboyfriend still loves you?

if he still calls and wants to spend time with you, i think it's safe to say that he still loves you.

He says he still loves you should you go back to him?

Follow your heart and emotions. If you think it will work than get back...

What does it means when your boyfriends says I want to meet other people when I go out not for a relationship but I cannot do it going out with you?

it means he wants time to think so u should let him if he loves u he will come back

How do you know if your ex husband still loves you even they're are not married?

I think you'll know if someone loves you. If your husband doesnt contact you or anything, it means he wants to forget you. Therefore you will never know if he still loves you. If he is trying to forget you, you should do the same.

My parents think i still young for boyfriends what should i do?

Lol, I feel the same way. Well, you should either argue (but not in a whiny way, in a smart way) or give up. I do option 1.

What does it mean if your ex boyfriends family still likes you but he has a new girlfriend?

It means nothing! He moved on and so should you. His family still likes you because they are neutral in the whole relationship thing that you guys had. I think you should ask him if it bothers him that you are still cool with his family and respect his answer!

When your girlfriend of two years leaves you and says she hates you but still keeps in touch with you and fights with you what do you think i should do. think she still loves me?

Sweetie, she still loves you. she may not say it but she does.nobody ever really stops loving someone their feelings just may dwindle over time but if she is still keeping in touch with you and fighting, she does love you

Can a 11 year old have 28 boyfriends?

Well i think they should nOt but if they like it okay

What do i do if i still love the guy that broke my heart?

What you should do is try to forget about him, if he truly loves you he wouldn't have broken your heart in the first place. Take time to focus on yourself,find someone who loves you and would do anything for you. Every time you think about how much you still love him think about how he broke your heart.

Who were Demi Lovato's ex boyfriends?

I think that demi has ex boyfriends. I think that they are like Jonas Bro.

Aliyah says she loves u?

If Aliyah says she loves you you should think DO I LOVE HER and if you do tell her that you do.

You think your ex still loves you?

yes i think well i no mine still does cuz we r still talkin really nd he still want to go wit me :)

How old is john cenas girlfriend?

he is married to Liz and she is 29 years old and i think they make a good couple so if you wanted john cena to be your boyfriends your gonna have to forget it but he is still my hero and he loves his wife so much and she likes him too.

What should you do if your friend went out with a guy that she still loves and you like him and he likes you?

Yes you should follow your heart but try to think about your friend. How will she feel about all this? You should talk with the boy and be honest with your friend, and see what you should do from their.

Why wont your ex go back out with you if he still likes you?

I think its because he's still hurt and that he still loves u

Why do you think you should be my boyfriends answers?

Because you'll never find someone cares for you as much as I do...that's your answer

What does Elijah Blue Allman think about Chaz Bono?

I hope he still loves him.

What does love mean when a guy loves a girl or a girl loves a guy?

I think different! They should feel it from the heart!

Why do you get nervous when you are around a person you used to like?

You get nervous because you think she/he might still loves ya Because you are scared that they still think you like them. You probably still like them!

Should you stay with you girlfriend whom she had six boyfriends before. what if she said they are not all serious boyfriends what would you feel and do.?

I think you should look for a new girlfriend, cause she has already six, why be with her when their are many around? And because all of them are not serious, you may think they are betraying her or something, of course you would feel bad what else would it be? The best thing you should do is look for a new girlfriend and this time much better than her, cause if you still choose her now she might think you'll betray her again. (duh?)

How can you get back at your boyfriends ex?

This one is hard but you still can Make him think youDon't Like him then become his best friend And make him think you like him Then..Ask him out When The time is right!!!

What should you think when your guy says he wants a period of stability while you both move through respective divorces and he starts seeing someone else but says he still loves you and always will?

You should think he's not "your guy" anymore and move on with your life.

What it mean when a guy says I still loved you?

It means he still loves you. I don't think it gets more straightforward than that.

Is it normal to feel jealous when your boyfriend still has contact with ex girlfriends and girls he used to like?

If your boyfriend still loves you, there is no problem with this. But if you find that he is spending more time in contacting with his ex one, you should think of tell it him straight out, ask him if he still loves you. Remember, not to seem jealous as you do so. Hope you and he will overcome this. Good luck