What should you do if you think your housekeeper is a prostitute?

In a hypothetical situation, if she's doing a good job as your housekeeper and is not working as a prostitute on your worktime or near your residence, I'd pretend I knew nothing about it. If you're that uncomfortable about her other work, just tell her politely that you no longer need a housekeeper and offer to give her a good reference. Sounds like you got this vicious piece of gossip from a friend. So what if she's a prostitute! If she does a good job of cleaning your house and doesn't have anything to do with your husband or bring "johns" into your house perhaps she's working hard to raise her kids as a single mom. Don't second guess and especially when it's gossip. If the girl is causing no harm then let her do her job, pay her and keep it strictly business. Her business on her own time is none of your business!