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As much as it hurts you consider yourself lucky! Never give up your morals for ANYONE and you are in control of your life. If he loved you and gave you the respect you deserve he'd have waited. Move on because there are a lot of nice guys out there that would find you worth the wait!

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She never calls back?

Probably over.

What does it mean if he hasnt texeted up back in days?

That you should never text him ever again and never ever text him first.

How often should you back up your data?

never , internet can provide again data , of all kind

Your bf just dumped you for your best friend what should you do?

if i was a girl i would never talk to them again my gf dumbed me for my best freind i never spoke to her again and she came crawling back to me

If you really like this boy but he never calls he never has money on his phone and is always busy and you always have to call becauz you want to talk to him what should you do?

you should cut all ties and never look back -sounds like a player and that will ruin your life! you should cut all ties and never look back -sounds like a player and that will ruin your life!

When will Shaun the Sheep start back up again?

Never again

After a a first date you text him and later call him after that how long should you wait to call him again if he doesnt call back?

After first date, if he doesn't reply to your calls and messages, then stop calling again. Maybe he is not interested. If he was busy he will call back, but if he doesn't you have to move on.

What does it mean when your ex calls you beautiful?

He probably wants to get back together meaning he likes you again.

What should you do if you back into a car?

not do it again!

Should there be another never back down?

does anyone think there should be another never back down i do i w

What does it mean when your friend never calls you back?

It means that they're doing something....or they forget to call you back....or something happened.....!

When is goosebumps coming back on Cartoon Network?

goosebumps is never coming back so never ask that question again!

When did the invader zim come out again?

It never did come back... did it?

If a guy calls you and tells you he likes you and calls a few more times but than you email him and ask him out and he never calls again does he never cheak his email or feel awkward and confused?

Isnt it obvious??? He was prank calling you!!! Guys do that ALLLLLLLLLLLL the time! my bro just did that prank 10 mins ago. You tell sum1 u like them then when they call back u dont answer and if u do u say u like them

How can you tell when you and your ex will get back together?

You never know if it's meant to be then it will happen but if not then you probably should wait until you feel sparks again

What happend with eminem and hailies mum?

they had on again off again relationship and never got back together

How do you get golden tiara on club penguin?

its long gone it was there 2006 it will never EVER! come back again it was there only once just like the... BETA HAT its never coming back you can look all over cp but you will never find it again

Will hbk be back?

he could come back as commissioner but he will never wrestle again since he's retired

Can you brake your back on a chair?

yes it can brake your back so you can never sit in a chair ever again!!

What do you call your response of turning your life back to God?

As Jesus calls it - to be born again of the Holy Spirit and water, in baptism.

What if boy ask for kiss?

Well, if you like him, then you can kiss him back. Assuming that you are an appropriate age. If you do not like him or do not know him then you should run away and never see him again.

What does it mean when you call him he asks you why you did call him for the past 7days when he never calls you back?

it means you have to break up.... now ;)

He's ignoring your calls should you just assume be broke up with you?

there's more to this... The last time I spoke to my boyfriend spoke he said that he would call me back later that night, but he never called. So brushed it off and it turned into a week of him not returning any of my calls or voicemails and I know he got them. Yesterday, I got fed up with him not calling me back and I called him from my voicemail and when I do that it makes calls blocked, and guess what he answered. I said hello, and all he could say was,"YOU" like I did somethin to him, and then he hung up. When I called back he hung up again! We've been together for over a year and he has NEVER hung up on me! So I sent him a text saying that if he didn't want to be with me that he should just say so, he didnt respond so I sent another text saying that it must have ment no and thanks for being a man about it. Then a few minutes later he texted me back saying, "Bye" When I saw that I called him back and he kept ignoring my calls. What just happened? Did he break up with me?

You went to the city you stopped there you never went there and you came back again?

a watch

When is Jeff dunham going back to bossier city Louisiana?

never again

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