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Well first off, just ignore the whole thing like it never happened. Chances are she doesn't remember anyway. She also has a boyfriend, do you really want to come between that relationship? Wait until the timing is right. If you think she remembers, simply tell her you are sorry you made her uncomfortable and that you just want to go back to being friends. This is the best you can do until she and her boyfriend are over. You can just say you don't remember saying anything like that and you don't know what she is talking about when she asks. DENY, DENY, DENY!!If you don't want her to know..

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โˆ™ 2006-03-16 21:47:31
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Q: What should you do if you told someone you had feelings for them but they were drunk and you don't know how she's going to react to you afterwards because she has a boyfriend?
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What do you do when you broke up with your boyfriend because he cheated on you but you still have feelings for him?

Make him jealous by going out with someone else, love him anyway or slap and find someone else that you can grow to have feelings for.

What do you do when you love someone but can never tell them because they are with someone else?

what you can do is become friends with the person and when they break up with their boyfriend/girlfriend you can comfort them and then express your feelings

Why do guys play with your feelings?

to try to upset you and try to get sex from you and you should know he is cheating on you take it from someone who knows. i had a boyfriend he played with my feelings and he cheated on three times. Don't let your boyfriend play with your feelings.

Why do girls break up with guys when they have feelings for her ex boyfriend?

You should be happy she broke up because she is being honest to her feelings and does not want to cheat your sincere feelings for her Don't worry someone for you will show up one day

Did you make the decision to break up with your boyfriend because you have stronger feelings for another guy?

Yes, don't lead him on if you know you want to be with someone else.

What do you do if someone likes you but at the same time they like someone else?

This is precisely the situation I have found myself in today, and I have come to the conclusion that although it hurts, I cannot stop my boyfriend from having feelings for someone else. But he also has feelings for me, and these are the feelings which count.

What does it mean to dream about a boyfriend having feelings for someone else?

my concern is to stop dreaming about ur boyfriend coz he is not having that feelings on you, you just try to impress him, then its possible for him to think about you, if its not possible , you search for someone,who is dreaming about you, just try it otherwise leave it,

Is it bad to have a boyfriend but like someone else?

No, it is not really bad to have a boyfriend but to like someone else. If you think that you like the other person more, it may be time to take a break from the boyfriend until your feelings are sorted out.

How do you tell a guy that your confused on your feelings because you have feelings for someone else?

"sorry, i like someone else" sincerely.

I have a boyfriend but i think i am falling for someone else what should i do?

I think that you should take some time away from your boyfriend. It's not going to work out if u have feelings for someone else. Be honest! A man likes a woman to be honest. If u have feelings for someone else,u must not be happy in your relationship.

Why does this happen I'll like someone and have feelings for him and then he starts having feelings towards me too and things start getting serious but then I will lose feelings for him?

This means that your feelings are for him are not secure. It can also mean you have feelings for someone else or even your ex-boyfriend. If you are unsure about your feelings for him, he needs to know so that he does not feel led on or betrayed.

Why would your ex boyfriend send you a drunk text saying hi?

maybe because he might still feelings for you or some times when you are drunk you think of the person you broke up with if you where an ex boyfriend to someone you will send a message

Why am i having feelings for someone else when i was tottaly sure i loved my boyfriend?

People's feelings can change. Either you are having your last romance or there will be another one after this one.

Why is torturing someone bad?

because it hurts there feelings

What should you do if you have a boyfriend that you really like but you also really like someone else?

You should decide who you would be the happiest with. If you really think that you and your current boyfriend are right for each other, then try and forget the other boy and focus on your boyfriend. But if you think that you and the other guy would be happier together, tell your boyfriend that things weren't working out and that you like someone else, but be nice about it, because your boyfriend has feelings, and you should still care for him because you were going out. Make sure the other boy likes you back before you tell your boyfriend

I went out with my friend once and it didn't work out now am going out with someone else but all i can think about it my other friend what should i do?

Are you sure that you don't still have feelings for your friend or is just that you miss how close you are? i think you need to decide because its not fair on your new boyfriend/girlfriend if you have feelings for someone else.

How can you deal with your feelings for this girl who is with someone else?

Be a really good friend with her into she realizes you're better than her boyfriend

What do I do if I love my boyfriend but I have feelings for my best friend?

You should be true with the person you love,tell him that you have developed feelings for someone and you need space to sort tour head out you will have to choose,

What if you love someone but you have a boyfriend and the worst its your ex?

,i will just forget my ex because i have my boyfriend..!

What if she does not have any boyfriend but she does not want to love again any more because it had hurt her so much before?

Just in casee a guy hurts her feelings by loving someone else and kissing her.

Why would someone feel so irritated that their ex-boyfriend is now engaged if they don't have those feelings for him anymore?

Maybe because you're jealous that you aren't getting married.

What do you do when you have a boyfriend but you are in love with another boy?

tell your boyfriend that you are sorry but you have feelings for someone else and you don't think the relationship is going to work out true u go girl

Can you give off feelings to someone?

You can share feelings with someone but not give off feelings to someone.

Why do you feel sick when you're dating someone?

Because you have feelings for them.

What to do when your friend's boyfriend has a crush on you?

tell your friend because she needs to know if her boyfriend has a crush on someone else but dont go after her boyfriend because she will be offended and upsset with you.