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What should you do if you told your best friend you love her and she doesn't talk to you anymore?

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September 13, 2007 3:19AM

I think it matters. Since you didn't identify your sex, it's

hard to answer the question. If you are a girl, you may have just

blown your girlfriend's mind. Perhaps she has negative feelings or

attitudes toward gays and lesbians, and those attitudes make her

angry and prevent her from enjoying a friendship with you. That

would be a shame, but it would reflect poorly on her, not you. Or

perhaps she, too, is gay but is in denial or is terribly

conflicted. Perhaps facing you would require her to face her own

feelings toward you, feelings that make her uncomfortable -- or

worse. If you're a guy, well it's a little different. You still may

have blown her mind, perhaps because she didn't see it coming, but

that hardly explains why she is no longer speaking to you. She has

less reason to be angry, although I suppose that's still possible.

If she always assumed that your relationship was strictly platonic,

perhaps she feels betrayed. Or perhaps she thinks that you have

been secretly thinking of her in sexual ways and feels violated.

Whatever the case may be, all you can do is call, text, IM, or

email her and inquire why she's shunning you. Perhaps you could

write an old-fashioned letter, which is much more personal and

intimate. It may be more likely that she will read a snail-mail

than any electronic form of correspondence.

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