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Basically, you're going to have to throw yourself at his feet, but don't be surprised if he blows you off or, maybe, just uses you. You dumped him, remember? Why should he want you back? I've often seen this question and its variants. It's like asking, "I go fishing and use all the right tackle and bait, but this one particular fish won't bite, so how can I make it take the bait and stick the hook in its mouth?" The answer is, you can't. You can't force a guy to take you back any more than you can force a fish to take the bait. The best you can do is present the bait as naturally and honestly as you can. If he bites, great. If not, find another fishing hole. =What Lessons have you learned?= Try reasoning with your ex boyfriend that people make mistakes all the time and apologize to him. Many women never realize when they are going with a nice guy how very fortunate they are. I love the post "Try to accept failure" and it's put very well. You've hurt your ex a great deal and unless it's been a few months you have obviously never learned anything and matured from your mistakes. It's OK to make mistakes, but if you learn nothing from them then you'll just keep stumbling around in circles and you'll be the loser. Give it a try and ask if you can talk to him and if you have changed you had better mean it!

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Q: What should you do if you tried to mend a relationship with a nice guy you let go but he won't respond to you?
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