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The card that was picked is sent to the Graveyard if it cannot be Special Summoned.

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Q: What should you do if you use a hero emerges in Yu-Gi-Oh and your opponent picks a monster you can't special summon?
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What yugioh makes your opponent choose a card from your hand and guess what it was when they attack a monster in defense?

Sounds like Ordeal of a Traveler. The effect is applied when the opponent attacks (does not have to be against a defence mode monster, or even a monster at all). He must select a card from your hand and correctly guess if it is a monster, spell or trap, or his attacking monster is returned to hand.

In YuGiOh can a ritual monster be special summoned from the graveyard after using Ritual Foregone?

No, because it wasn't 'properly' special summoned. To be able to special summon a Ritual Monster from the graveyard, it has to be initially summoned by Ritual Summon. Ritual Foregone does not Ritual Summon.

Yugioh if you take control of a oppents monster and attack a monster stroger then it who takes the damage?

You do.

In yugioh if you normal summon a monster then can you also special summon a monster still?

yes. in the official Yu-Gi-Oh! rulebook, it states that you can only normal summon once per turn, but you can special summon as many times as you can per turn.

Is nitro homogeneous person a homogeneous monster in yugioh?

no it is not...

What are some Yugioh monster cards that do damage to your opponent when destroyed?

The following monsters inflict damage to your opponent when destroyed. Some of these effects will depend on whether you or your opponent destroyed it and/or if it was destroyed in battle or by a card effect:AbakiEarthbound Immortal Aslla piscuBalloon LizardMecha-Dog MarronOxygeddon

In yugioh If you have two monsters that cant be targeted can your opponent attack you directly?


In Yugioh can you normal summon and special summon two different monsters during the same turn?

i am pretty sure you can. for example if you just summon a monster without sacrificing you can use monster reborn to bring a card back from the grave. i think you can even do multiple special summons in a turn.

What is Red Dragon Archfiend's card effect in the game of Yugioh?

If this card attacks a defense position monster your opponent controls, destroy all defense position monsters your opponent controls after damage calculation. During your end phase, destroy all of your monsters that did not declare an attack this turn.

Which yugioh card could help you when you're about to lose?

monster reborn

What are the rules for duel in Yugioh?

Here are the rules book for you: 1.You are not allowed to using counterfeit cards because that's cheating. 2.You are allowed to uses normal and effect monsters and spell and trap cards. 3.If your monster or your opponent monster have the same attack points. Both monsters will be destroyed and you and your opponent cannot take damage. 4.You can using the same deck of cards as Seto Kaiba, Alexis Rhodes, or Joey Wheeler. 5.If you want to destroy your opponent monsters on the field, use your monster with higher attack points like blue eyes white dragon, or stardust dragon. 6.If your opponent monster have a higher attack points, switch or set your monster in defense mode.

In yugioh what happens if your monster attacks a monster with the same attack power?

Assuming the defending monster is also in attack position, both monsters will be destroyed.

Name cards you need to make a yugioh deck?

magic trap and monster

What is the name of the monster with five dragon heads in yugioh?

Five-Headed Dragon.

Can you tribute a monster from your hand for Canon soldier in Yugioh?

no because it has to be on your side of the field

How many tributes must be made for a level 10 monster in YuGiOh?

Unless the monster specifically says otherwise, it takes two tributes for a monster of Lv7+

In Yugioh what happens if your monster which is weaker attacks a monster that is stronger Do you lose life points and the monster is destroyed or is it just your life points?

Your monster is destroyed if the monster you attack is in attack position, and you lose life points.

Is there a level 4 normal dark monster in Yugioh?

yes its name is dark blade

In yugioh when you play a ritual card to summon a ritual monster do you HAVE to have the ritual monster in your hand in order to summon it or can you summon from your deck?

Yes, it does have to be in your hand.

When a Yugioh monster attacks another monster and the the monster being attacket is separated or remove dose the attack continue the the owner?

No you choose a new target and plz read the rule book.

What syncro monster from yugioh does the white stone of legend syncro sommon with what monster?

Since White Stone of Legend is a tuner it can be used with any other monster to synchro summon that is allowed

What food is good for ra?

other yugioh cards monster the higher attack points the better

What is the monster on the Yugioh card Kishido Spirit and Ritual Weapon?

It appears on a few cards, but the first time it appeared as a monster is as the Paladin of White Dragon.

How do you use Heart of the Underdog on YuGiOh GX Tag Force?

After you activate "Heart of the Underdog", you draw a card from your deck like you normally would during your Draw Phase. If that monster you draw happens to be a Normal Monster, you can activate "Heart of the Underdog". You show the Normal Monster to your opponent as proof and draw another card from your deck. If that new card that you draw is a Normal Monster too, you can activate "Heart of the Underdog" again. You repeat the process until you don't draw another Normal Monster.

Is there a card called chaos emporer -envoy of the apocalypse in Yugioh if so what is it's effect?

There's no 'Envoy of the Apocalypse', but there is a Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End. It can only be special summoned by removing a Light and a Dark monster from your graveyard from play. You can pay 1000 lifepoints to send all cards in hand and field to the graveyard, and deal 300 damage to the opponent for each. It is a Lv8 Dragon/Effect monster, DARK, 3000 ATK, 2500 DEF.