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Become a nanny or do a lot of babysitting. If this isn't an option get a dog. I know that sounds silly, but you are better off with a dog than a baby if you are young. Wait until you are older and stable and the baby can have a dad in it's life. You'll be better off.

Listen honey, you only live once. Having children and a family is a wonderful thing, but being young and carefree is also a wonderful thing. Once you have a child your ENTIRE life changes FOREVER - I know that sound cliche, but it is oh so true. Sounds like you maybe want someone to care for? Someone who will always be with you and love you too? I wonder if maybe you have some things to overcome such as feeling rejected by someone in your past or being ignored or feeling unloved? If these are issues for you (and really think about it before you decide if they are or they aren't), then you will want to work them out long before you have children because those feelings would impact a child in a negative way and maybe make them grow up long before their time. When you have children, do not expect them to love you. They are precious little things, but all they think about is themselves and what they need (they can't help that!). The love and companionship comes MUCH later (after the responsibility is taken care of!), when they are old enough to appreciate all you did for them. It would also be wise to be married before you start a family - when you have a partnership, it not only makes it easier on you both, but it makes it a whole lot easier for the children. I am a firm believer that a woman doesn't totally know who she is until she is 25. I think that is a good age to be married and start on that wonderful road, but in the meantime, there are so many roads to explore, so enjoy this time in your life - it's only a season and the next will come soon enough. Take care.

I agree with the first response, get a dog or a cat. A baby needs to be taken care of financially and emotionally by an adult. You can dream of your future family right now, but for the well being of the baby..please wait! Dogs are very loyal and loving, ask your parents if you can get one. Tell them you want to take care of something cute and cuddily. :)

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Q: What should you do if you want a child and you are really young?
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