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Sit down and talk about it. Make arrangments with dates and actions to be taken between the two of you. Think outside of the box. Make the child priority. GL If your partner does not have any money, family, or friends, then he has a pattern of being unable to fully care for himself. This means that relying on him to both care for himself AND your child is a foolish mistake. You need to expect him to continue to act and think the way that he always has. What this translates to is that you will need to be the sole provider for your child. I would break up with your partner, go to court to get sole custody, and allow for him to visit your child. You CANNOT allow you or your child to be relying on him for support, because he has shown a history of being unable to do that. If he already has a seven-month-old and cannot support himself, why would that change when you are separated? You must put your child first by taking responsibility for yourself and your child. Good luck.

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Q: What should you do if you want to break up with your live-in partner but he has no money and no family or friends and you have a 7-month-old child together?
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