What should you do if you want to give your crush your email address but you can't and you don't want anyone to know he is your crush?

You're not making sense. You say you WANT to give your crush your e mail - I assume with the desire to get closer - yet you don't want anyone to know. Why? Is there something you're ashamed of? If something about this relationship makes you uneasy, then your crush is probably not the right one to invest your time. YOU know something is wrong and it's bothering you. Your instincts are telling you NOT to give out your email addy and DON'T!!!! Listen to those instincts because they are generally right on! You have no idea who you are talking too by email or IM. They can tell you anything they want and when you think you are talking to some great guy your own age it could well be an older man and one with other things in mind. I live in British Columbia, Canada and police are tearing their hair out because young people (even some lonely adults) refuse to listen to the dangers of starting up Internet affairs. It can be dangerous! People can and do go missing! The police are pleading with parents to pay more attention to what their kids are doing on the Internet. If it feels wrong to you, then it is!