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It isn't really as awkward as you think. Lot of young people go together and find that time or distance doesn't make it a compatible relationship and they decide to become friends. Act the same way around her as you did before and search back in your mind and remember the things you use to talk about. You just never know, once you see each other you may very well start going out together again. Don't live on fear or "what ifs." You could miss out on a lot.

Good luck

2011-09-13 13:07:34
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Is it awkward to talk about hot guys in front of your guy friends?

Depends. If theya re close friends, and you are talking about a close friend, then probably. Otherwise, it should not be awkward for you, but it might be for them.

How do you make a friendship I have written a note to her but I don't know if I should send it to her All I wrote is will you be friends with me next school year Should I send it?

Do it if you like, i think it would be better for you to be friends with her naturally, because it might be kind of awkward if she see's you the next year, it might make her feel like she HAS to be friends with you.

What should you ask your crush at the school dance to get to know them and keep things from getting awkward?

Will you dance with me? ;)

Should I hang out with my boyfriend because me and him only talk by text and we don't talk in school and I'm afraid if I hang out with him it will turn to an awkward moment what should I do?

Sometimes technology can get in the way, especially if you're in high school. Don't give up hope! Boys get way less awkward the older they get. And he's probably just as afraid of it being awkward as you are! Cut him some slack, and both of you try. It's only awkward if you make it!

Should you and your boyfriend kiss for the first time in front of all your friends?

I think you guys should kiss in front of your friendsso that when its all over, it wont be as awkward

Is it awkward to ask someone to rate you on a friendship scale of 1-10?

Yes, it is awkward to ask someone to rate you on a friendship scale of 1-10. You should never ask such kind of question to your good friends.

Do you keep your elementary school friends in middle school?

Yes you should, except when they move to another school.

Why is school ten months?

because someone decided it should be... obviously some adult... i know!!! it should be shorter!!!

Why no cellphone use in school?

because whilst in school you should be learning not calling or texting your friends!

You like a guy hes on your bus in your school and in your after school sport he takes the hint that you like him because your friends bug you what should you do Help any anwer will do?

you should tell your friends if they were true friends they wouldn't bug you about your chooses there yours not theirs

What can you talk about with your friends?

You should be able to speak to your friends about anything you want to, that is partly why they are there. If you are unsure what you can talk to them about then just ask them a simple question around the subject that you want to talk to them about, this should ease them in to talking about new things. Also the more you talk to your friends the more easy it will be to talk to them about awkward things.

Should you talk to her after breaking up?

Yes! Let her know you still want to be friends otherwise there will just be awkward with you too. However don't focus on the past.

What kind of things you should do if you like a boy?

Be his friend. That gives you an "in." Then if you ever want to ask him out it won't be as awkward because it will just be like hanging out with one of your friends.

Should I leave my school and leave my friends or stay at the worse school and stay with my friends?

I think you should stay if you feel comfort with them. If you're better off at the better one, at least be pen-pals.

What if you have a guy friend and then he ask you out and you think it will be awkward then you go out and you dump him what should you do?

What if you have a guy friend and then he ask you out and you think it will be awkward then you go out and you dump him what should you do?

What should you say to a friend of many a years after you have told him you major crush on him you then kiss you havent contacted him since what do you say?

I think you should just talk to them and do all the stuff you used to do. If things are awkward still, you should talk to them about it. If you were friends with them in the beginning, it's good to be honest. If they want to be more than friends, and if you want to, go for it. If you don't, don't. Try to be friends and if he is is mean about it, don't be friends.

What should I do I am really sad to leave all my friends but i really want to go to this other school what should i do and i will have no memories of those friends what should I do?

invest in a mobile phone. xO

What are some reasons why you should not fight in school?

get bad grade, get kick out of school, lose friends, get many problem and hate school

Why should you walk to school?

you should walk to school because it is good for your body! It keeps you fit and healthy, it gives you good time to chat with your friends!

Why you should go to school?

Its good school than when you get older you can have free time and sometimes school is fun meet new friends and...... its FUN!

How should you behave with your ex-gf?

try to be just friends if the brake up wasn't that bad believe me they girl will just find you are being awkward and avoid you if the brake up was really bad STAY CLEAR they probably need some space !

Will a boy still like me even if I'm going to another school next year Because I really like this guy and he likes me but my mom is making me switch schools what should I do?

If he's the right one for you he will still like you. If not, forget about him. I'm in middle school. I say before the year ends tell him how you feel, if your not already good friends. Cuz if you are... Awkward. If your good friends let things run its course. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE HIS NUMBER! If you want him to like you back. For both good friends, and just friends. ALWAYS REMEMBER TO KEEP IN TOUCH!

There is a girl you really like She is going to high school 2 you want to go there but all your friends are going to high school 1 Should you go with her or should you stick w your friends?

bros b4 hoes srry but true

Is it bad not to have a boyfriend in elementary school?

Not at all - you should really be concentrating on your school and having fun with your friends not worrying about dating.

How can guys and girls be friends without messing it up because they like each other?

If they were friends before they liked each other, then they should just continue to do what they had been doing before. Nothing will change unless one of them makes it awkward.