What should you do if you went out with a guy you ALWAYS had a thing for and broke it off after 2 weeks but still have feelings for him and you don't know why you want him back?

If i were you I would tell this guy how you feel. I went through the same sort of thing that it sounds like you did and if I had the chance do anything differenly I would tell him how i felt about him. Sometimes, just saying that to someone can get everything off of your back and you feel much better about it. Just tell him how you feel and hopefully things will work out. But if they don't then you should try to move on. You broke it off for a reason and what you have to do is ask what your reasons were. Did he abuse you, was he disrepectful of your feelings, breaking dates, cheating on you? If he was even one of these things consider yourself lucky and listen to your heart and move on. If he wasn't, then you hold the key to the answer as to why you didn't want to continue this relationship. Perhaps you can't handle committment yourself or you're uncomfortable when things move too fast. Could it be you have mixed emotions about wanting him back because you may have heard he is dating someone else? You see, many people want to be in total control of the break-up, but when they find the person they let loose out of their relationship is dating someone else that's one hard pill to swollow. This doesn't mean you want him back. Good luck Marcy could it be that you were being controlled by fear when you ended it? if so, maybe that's what you need to work on. let go of the control thing even at a risk of being rejected... I would talk to him right away and clear things up. Be really honest with yourself. Did you really like him or are you now just lonely? Or was it fear of getting hurt so you ended it before he hurt you? There could be so many reasons for this. Good luck.