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I would start by getting a water test done to determine what water treatment is necessary.

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Q: What should you do if you were changing a valve on a cold water line and discovered a great deal of green copper corrosion where the water that drained out was green?
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Corrosion of copper?

corrosion of copper is called petina. It is a light blue powder that forms on copper when it is introduced to water.

What makes copper rusty?


Which metal does not undergo corrosion?


Why does copper turn green?

The products of corrosion on copper are green or blue.

What is corrosion of copper?

when air and water react with copper, it will cause corrosion.add. the common verdigris on copper is usually the carbonate, but close to the ocean, the chloride may be present as well.

How is corrosion of copper a chemical change?

Corrosion involve chemical reactions - and these are chemical changes.

How do you prevent copper corrosion?

Internal or external?

Is corrosion of copper a chemical change?


What is the reaction of benzene cleaning agent on copper containt material?

Corrosion of the copper

What is a hypothesis for how pH in water Affects Copper Corrosion?

If the water's pH is more acidic (lower pH) then the effects of copper corrosion will be faster and more pronounce. If the water is less acidic (Higher pH) copper corrosion will take longer and be less pronounce.

How do you store copper?

Copper can be stored in bottles containing water, such that none of the copper is exposed to air, as this can cause the corrosion of copper.

What metal turns green and why?

Copper turns green after a while because of weathering and corrosion. It is in general the Oxygen in our atmosphere that bonds with the copper, forming a protective layer of "green" oxydation or corrosion. Further information: Many buildings have copper-roofs. It is a metal that is easy to cut and form. It is also highly corrosion resistant because the corrosion formed also protects it from further corrosion. Acid rain however is able to wash away part of the corrosion formed. This mean that in highly polluted areas, Copper is not such a good choice. The Statue of Liberty used to be the iconic copper color.

Why does copper utensil turn dull green?

The products of corrosion on copper are green or blue.

When was the element copper discovered?

The element of Copper was discovered in about 8000 BC.

Why does copper turn black?

Copper turns black due to corrosion. Copper turns black if mixed with oxygen!

Can copper turning be used to test how pH affects copper corrosion?

If copper is present, the solution will turnblue...

Which metals are more susceptible to corrosion?

iron and copper

How does corrosion affect the society?

Corrosion has a destructive effect on iron and many iron alloys, copper etc.

What are some examples of corrosion?

Iron and steel rusting is an example of corrosion. Copper pitting or the green patina one sees on copper roofs are also examples of corrosion. Stress Cracking is also considered an example of corrosion.

How good is copper at resisting corrosion?

The corrosion resistance of copper is great! But if the hardness was better and the strength it would be way better than titanium in some cases (not the melting point)!!!

Characteristics of copper?

Corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity. and its metal

Was copper or arsenic discovered first?


How did the statue of liberty get its color?

The blue-green color comes from the corrosion of the copper skin (copper sulfate).

What liquid makes copper rust the most?

The word rust tends to be restricted to the corrosion of Iron. For other metals such as bronze and copper or aluminum, corrosion is the term used. To the Q. Nitric acid will make copper corrode quickly. But many simple acids react with copper to corrode it.

Where was copper discovered?

No one knows where and who discovered copper, but the element had been around for about 11,000 years.