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We haven't ignored you on this board, but could you please repost and explain yourself a little better so we can give you the best advice we can. Marcy

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Q: What should you do if you were engaged but after you found out you had kidney failure he told you not to talk to him ever again and keep his stuff and should you call him?
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Is it possible for patient undergoing dialysis to get back to normal again?

Depends on what is causing the kidney failure. If it is a chronic condition then, not it is not. If it is an acute condition then yes it is. Your doctor or the dialysis nurse rendering the treatment should be able to tell you which category you are in.

What are the advantage of dialysis?

Dialysis means the complete removal of blood from your body and after purification it is given to your body again. During dialysis your blood is filtered blood toxins are removed. generally it is helpful for kidney failure .

How do you use the word failure in a sentences?

The experiment in science was a failure, yet we tried again.

Why is kidneytransplant done?

Kidney transplants are performed when both of a person's kidneys no longer function (kidney failure) and the kidneys will not ever function again, this condition can be due to injury or disease. There is generally a waiting list for kidney transplants that patients will need to register for to wait for an appropriate donor. Usually patients will be on some form of dialysis until they receive the kidney transplant, and once the transplant is received the patient will need to continue on immunosuppressant drug therapy for the rest of their life to avoid their body rejecting the transplanted kidney.

Is an energy drink deadly?

It can be deadly, yes, depending on the circumstances. When taken alongside alcohol and drugs or medication, it can cause cardiac arrests. They can also cause kidney failure, again depending on the circumstances, usually massive consumption.

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How do you face failure?

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Why do people need dialysis?

The human body has two kidneys that act as filtering agents of the bloodstream. When there is kidney failure, there is no filtering in the bloodstream and some of the toxins and/or chemicals are again flowing through the body. Dialysis is the filtering of the blood in place of the kidneys to remove those toxins.

How much longer does a live donor kidney transplant last OPPOSED to a cadaver donor?

That is difficult to say as there are other factors that need taking into account. But a kidney from a living donor should last at least half as long again or more, assuming most other factors are the same.

What is the meaning of failure is the mother of success?

It basically means that when you fail you learn a lot (or should learn) which will eventually help you to succeed the next time you try the same thing again...

Can kidney transplant patients swim in chlorine pools?

After the incision heals, they're waterproof again.

Suppose you experience laptop failure due to a broken solder joint on the circuit board What should you do to ensure that this doesn't happen again?

Acclimatize the laptop to room temperature before use

Should people try again if they don't succeed?

Success is the sum of small efforts - repeated day in and day out.Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something.

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Why is it that a person that gives a kidney to someone else can survive with one kidney but the other needs two?

The person recieving the kidney does not normally require two, so long as the donated kidney is working fully. Usually a "kidney transplant recipient" just means that they've gained one extra kidney (since the originals are not normally removed) - this is the standard procedure. However a transplanted kidney has a life of about ten - 15 years, which means that eventually they may need to be transplanted again.

Can you donate a kidney to your daughter if you have thyroid problems?

no, well actually you can but id rather you not because you can make your daughter have the same thing! But if it saves her life for some time you might want to take an chance you might not want to because then she could get the same thing see if there is anyone else that will give up a kidney but if theirs not and your daughter is in a life or death situation then you might want to take the chance. if you are everunhappy and you want to fix your cure you should laugh they say 30% of people that laugh a lot get better eventually. maybe you can feel better and save your daughter its worth a try. but then again researchers have determined that people with even mild thyroid problems are twice as likely to have congestive heart failure. Congestive heart failure, or simply heart failure, occurs when the heart can't pump enough blood to the body's other organs. That can lead to fatigue, ankle swelling, and shortness of breath. so if you still have your thyroid problems i don't think you should donate it unless no one else is willing to give your daughter their kidney.

What does it mean when a girl starts her period but doesn't have it again?

It means that you havent started but you may have a kidney problem

What do you do if your boyfriend wont marry you?

Maybe he's not ready to be married. Or then again maybe you should have a talk with him and if you have been engaged for a long while find out why he doesn't want to marry. It might just be that you two are not compatible.